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Got All They Were After

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Foraker and Bushnell will be two of the delegates-at-large themselves and they are not at all likely co graut Governor McKinley permistión to name the other two, although it is believed they will consent to Sherman and Foster going to the national convontion as the ocher two delegates-at-large. Of course the machine in such strong hands will also control the election of district delegates and there are some who think that fi'or aker may coma out in 1896 as Garfiold did in 1880, which would mean that McKinley would come out as Sherman did at that time and in succeeding years. After the defeat of Foraker by Sherman for senator two years ago the friends of the latter rested on the triumphs of Sherman and McKinley, while the former went to work with more regard tor their brganization than ever and with a distinct view to regaining ascendency in 1896. They have secured at this convention everything they went after. If the Republicans carry the state nexo November, and Bushnell becomes governor and Foraker senator, there is no telling all that will happen in Oiiio in 1893 and thereafter. Should Bushnell serve four years as governor he would probably succeed Sherman in the senate as well as Foraker succeed Brice.Jand the old school Republicans would all be retired. There nevet was a stato conventiou in Ohio that invol ved so inany radical chauges for the future as the one just closed with the Forakor-Bushnull men ia the saddle fot further conquesta. The state ticket nominated is as follows: For governor, Asa S. Bushnell; lieutenant governor, General A. VV. Jones, of YoungstO'- n; auditor, W. D. Guübert; supreme jadge, 'i'. A. Minshall, of Chiüicotlie; supreme courtclerk, J. B. Allen, Athons; attorney general, F. S. Monnett, Findlay; stata creasurer, S, B Campbell, Steubenville; board of public works, E. Ju. Lybargpr, Coshocton.


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