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Its Root In The Greenback

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New York, May ;iO - Representativa De Wiet Warner delivered an address on "Hard Money" before the Municpal Reform club. Wurner said in part: "The pismling curreney questions are but different phiises of the one issue - flat money. All the flnancial troubles we have suffered were caused by the legal tender and other legislatiou which puc greenbacks in circulation. This legislaüon, instead ol usinp the government to sanotion and enforce the contracta of individuals, intervene i o Drvak them in order to mnku a foro-il loan, first for war purposes and late ■ wicii.ouú even that excuse. The süver quosciuii is oí the same pieoe. Tiib silvei luvucafe!' do not want free coinagü. "They wuni forced curreney by law oí di'pie.-iuted silvur. 'i'hose who are ointuoriug fot silvur legislation are the ones who either have silver and want to get rid of it, or olse owing debts payable in gold want the governmant to help them break their contracta so they can pay t.hem in silver. Itlwould be hard to find a more offensive sort of government interference. It would be just as reasonable to have a law passed to make me buy a ooat I did not want, or accept one which I had not bought, a-i to make me accept állver dollars when I preferred gold, or accept silver dollars when I had contracted for gold ones. It we are to have laws llke that we ought to strike out fromour statute book all peualties for stealing anii robbery."


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