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He Didn't Post The Letter

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Without asserting in so many words that "the womau who ceaselessly complains aud scolds, and generally makes a uuisance of herself to every one who is cursed by beiug brought iuto contact with her ' ' represeuts a large proportie of her sos, our essayist, Dr. Cyrus Edi son, so far succeeds in impressing th reader's mind to this effect as to throw him upon the defensive, if he be a man, by quickeniug his apprehensions of personal peril. Variations of the temper thermometer he has passed over as common to all classes and conditions of women may be the ineipieuf stages of the "cnrsed Bhrewiehness" that drives men to madness and nlurders lovo, aud Bometimes, in scorpion fashiou, stings the shrew herself to death, Nagging grows by what it f eeds upon. What a tolerant, because ignorant, husbĂ­uiil may be ready to excuse as passing petulaiiceniay be acockatriceegg. ' :Contiuual streams of scolding, lastiug three or f our honrs" may await him in the future unless heroio measures are adopted without delay. He wil] not be so ready to "kiss and inake up" the next time he is chidden for carryiiig an important letter in his pocket for a week after it was civen to him to post. -


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