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San Francisco, May 80.- Only meagre ana unsatlsfactory advices have been received here regarding the foundering of the Paoiflc mail steamer at Mazanilla, Mex , Tuesday night. The officials of the Pacific Mail persist in the statement that they have received no information cf the wreek of the steamer and they have trled to diacredit entirely the statements of the disaster. Several dispatches have been received by the Merchants' Exchango and by private shipping firms, al) conflrming the tale of the ocean tragedy and varying only in the minuteness of the information conveyed. Captain Pitta, of the steamer San Juan, telegraphed that he picked up a boat containing nineteen persons, fourteen of whom were passengers and fiive members of the crew of the Colima. The rescued boat-load was taken to Mazanilla and then the steamer San Juan started out again in search of other boats frorn the Colima, the presumption being thatthe buliince of the passengors and crew were afloat in the other boats of the ill-fated vessel. The N ín e teen That Were Savoil. The occupants of the boat picked up were as follows: Cabin passengers- Doiningo Albaio, Cushing, Thornton, Sarabia, and Rut z. Stèerage passengers - John Crew, H. W. Boyd, Antonio Rome, B. toss, S. Oreill, G. Rowau, José A. Salia, and Ij. L. Z incre. Crew - O. Hansen, hird of&cer; a carpenter; A. K. Richardson, ëturekeeper; P.iymond Aviles, and J. Morel. The names Sarabia and iutz do not appear in the steamer's list of passengers sailing from this port, the )resumption being that they joined the teamer at .iazatlan. There were two Cushings on board, brothers, and a lady and gentleman each named Thornton. lío initials ot survivors were given in the )rief telegraph message. Statement of the Third Ofïieer. The latest inteüigence regarding the lisaster received here was in cipher message to a local shipping firni containing tho statement of Third Offijer Hansen, who was in charge of the boat picked up. Jansen stated that about 11:15 Tuesday nigbt, as the Colima was about fif ty miles rom Manzanilla and between that port and Punta St. Almo, an accident occurred .o her machinery. Hansen had not time to investígate the trouble, but beieved a boiler had burst. The Colima was put about. but began to sink rapiiily. A scène of wiid contusión followed. One joat was lowered and most of the others swung out, buc so far as Hansen knows ;he boat he comnianded was tho only one which goc clear of the sinking snip, which quickly foundered. Toavoid suction tiansen's boat, quickly pulled clear, and the nigh being dark it was impossible to ell whether the other boats got away 'rom the ship or not.


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