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The field of the trained nurse is perhaps one of the least, ïf not the least, circuinticribed of the maiiy avocatious open to women. The qualifications are, however, of a serious nature, so much so that it takes to its ranks only the most intelligent, and even intelligence must' be supplemented by snch gi-ace of rnind and spirit that the average woman is not only unfitted for the field, but the field itself is of a critical disposition and regards the picking and choosing of its workera as ite ovrn prerogative. A talk with Amiette Sumner Rose, the editor of The Traiued Nurse, has thrown a little light upon a subject which to the general public is a dark one - dark until experience perhaps throws a little light upon it and a istering angel in the guise of a trained nurse is calléd in to lend skilled aid a the bedside of sonie dear one whom w intrust to her hands. Mrs. Rose is on f Brooklyn's fairest ladies, and sh resides with infinite grace over a beau ;ifnl home in St. John's place, on the onñnes of Prospect park. "I am glad to talk abont the trained urse, for the work is my hobby," she aid to me one pleasaut morning lately 'As editor and proprietor of the maga ine published in the interests of the rained nurse I feel that I am as much n the field as though I were indeed a ïospital worker inyself. How carne I to e interested? Ibegan my hospital work t a very early age. My grandmother vho.was a prominent member of th ociety of Friends of Philadelphia, de oted most of her time to oaring for ie sick, and she took me with her in her visiting rounds almost as soon as ] could walk. So I gi-ew up familiarizing myself with the scènes that she loved. "How does the public regard the trained nurse!"' "If by 'the public' yon mean those in position to engage the services of a trained nurse in the home, I rnay say that I am sornetimes amazed at the ignorauce of well to do women regarding the proper status of .the trained nnrse. Not long ago a nurse told me of being invited down to dinner at the same time the doctor was, when my lady host seated the physician at the family table and relegated the nurse to the servan ts' quarters, introducing her o the servants by her first name. The case she was called to attend was a very critical one, and the nurse was too absorbed to correct the mistake, but she did so later in the gentlest marnier possible, and one that denoted her good sense, for really, you know, these women have practical things drilled into them, and common sense of the commonest kind has to stand them in good stead scores of times. Their position is so new as yet that their relation to the fatnily is not defiued as is the physiciau 's, and every new case has to regúlate itself for them. "The latestnews in the nurses' world is that a convention of superintendents of hospital training schools was held last month in Boston. This is the second convention ever held, and it is hoped that the organization will be productive of needed results to the profession, the principie one being the establishing of a uniform course of training to be recoguized in all hospitals and the proper protection of gradúate nurses. "The best hospitals, for example, exact a three years' coui-seof traininc. anrt there are some that give a diploma in two years, and some only require one year to complete tho course. There should be a standard course of study. " New York Recorder.


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