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New York Woman's Suffrage Association

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One oí the busy and iuiluential women of onr commvuiity in Miss Isabel Howland, secretary of the New York State Woman's Suffrage association. ïhis is oue of the strongestwomen's organizations in the Empire State. It has county leagues in every county and political equality clubs and political study clubs in every city and town. In New York, for example, there are, it is said, over 35,000 members of suffrage clubs enrolled, while across the river, in Brooklya, there are abnost as many. In the entire state they have about 400,000, and thenames of 300, 000 more who are in accord with them, but have not yet joined their official ranks. Miss Howland resides in Sherwood, N. Y., where she is a very popular society leader, but passes much of her time in this city. In speakmg of the progress of the state organization she said : "It is very pleasant to be in my position and wateh the growth of our ideas. When a man or woman once becomes convinced of the justice of woman's enfranehisernent, there is praetically no back sliding. Ou the other hand, every now and then some strong adversary becomes converted and comes over to our side with a rush, and sometimes brings a crowd of his or her own aloiig too. Maiiy of ow most active and enthusiastïo advocates wore fornierly equally enthusiastio against na. "T! icy at present is to spread the doctrine among the industria! i es. Heretofore the question bas been treatod as one of pure ethics, and iu that way has been classed by the public : with other abstract theories and questions and has f ai led to get beyond a certain circle of thinking people. It is not and never was au abstract question, but vras and is pm-ely practical Woman's juffrage means greater purity and morality in politics, the selectiou of better men for candidates and the rejection of bad men, no matter of what party. It means better wages for women, better treatment by employers, better governaient and smaller taxes. It means, in Dtherwords, the greater welfare of the somnrafaity, and pai-ticulai-ly of the women belongiug to it. The moment this principie is brought home to their notice fchey will join the suffrage organization


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