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Nervous, Despondent, Diseased Men

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■ T. E. GLEASON. T. E. G1.TCASON. G. O. EOLTJNS. G. O. ROLLINS. Before Treatment. After Treatmaat. Beforo ïreatment. After Treatment. Emlssíons, Varlcocele, Seminal Weakness, Self-Abuse, Syphilis. Gleet. Stricture, Unnatural Discharges, Loss of Vital Fluid Ín Uriñe. Impotenoy, Sexual and Mental Weakness. Kidney and Bladder Diseases Positively CURED OR NO PAY. 16 Years in Detroit. 200,000 Cured. Young or Middle Yon have led a gay lite or indnlged in the vices of early youth. Yon feel Aged Man. the symptoms stealing over you. Self abuse or later excesses have broken downyour System llentally, physically and sexuaihj you are not the man yon nsed to be or snouldbe. Lustful practices reap rich barvest. Think of the future. Wlll you heed the danger signáis? Are yon nervous and weak; despondent and gloomy; speoks before eyes; I back weak and kidneys irritable; palpitation of heart; dreams and-losses at night; sediment in uriñe; weakened manhood: pimples on face; eyes sumcen and cheeks hollow; poor memory; careworn expression; Varicocele; tired in moraing; lifeiess; distrustful; lack energy atrength and ambition. Our New Hethod Treatment will positively cure you. Xt will make a man of yon and hfe wilí open anew. We gwmauee to eme you or refund ail money paúl. ja-No ñames used without written consent. 51,000 paúl tor any case we take and cannot SNATCHED FROWI THE CRAVE-A Warnlng From the Living. Emissions "At 15 I learned abad l.abit. Had loases for seven years. Tried four doctors . H'ea; ,,e tomes by the core, without benefit; 1 became a nervous wreek. A friend who had been cured by Drs. Kennedy & Kergan of a similar disease, advised me totrythem. 1 did so., and m two months was positively cured. This was eight years ago. I am now marned aud have two healthy children " C. W. LEW18, Saginnw, Mich. Varicocele "Varicocele, the result of early vice, made life miserable. I was weiik and ■ oK-f 5?us!.?.ye,8jsun,.eni-bas,hful in society, hair thin, dreuus an.l loases at nigbt, no ■ ambition. The Golden Monitor" opened my eyes. The New AMImd TreatmentS Drs. B üennedy fc Kergan cured me in a few weeks." I. L. PJSÏEK8ON, louia, Mich. SrrtS "J'hi%terr.ible blood disease was in ray system for eight years. Hnd taken merLured. cury for two years, but the disease returned. Eyes red, pimplos nnd blotches on the skin ulcers m the mouth and on toDgue, bone painB, fallina ont ot hair. wepkness, etc. „ríOír' whoJiad been cured of Gleet and Strioíure by ÍJ-s. Kennedy t KerKan, recommendedthem They cured me in a few weeks, aud I thank God 1 i-onsulted them. No return of the disease in six years." w. P. M., Jackson, Mich. A wJlL"1 ShS K-8!i SPrkB.,of, Detroit, saya: "I know of no disease so injurious to HÍ.r.0 fhS, v w thblt, ' Kennedy & Kergan for treatment. I can heartily endorse their New Meliod Trtalment which enred them when all else failed." B„DmlL. "i '"'o.nothing in medical science so efficiënt for the cure of SyphilU and Hecommends iexual Distases as tho Neiv Mctlmd Vrcalmmt of Drs. Kennedy & Kergan. Many Ca??ü C h had baffled acores of physician were enred in a few weeks, l have aeen this with my own eyes and know ít to be a fact." T. E. ALL1ÖON, M. D. RpSfipr ?a yn,been saUty? Has your B'ood been diseased? Are you weak? Do yon llCdUCI desjre to be a man? Are you contemplating marriage? Our New Method Trealmem : will Positively enre yon Cures Guaranteed or No Pay. Consultaron Frce. -uní r" 'S ?"teL,to! m !""' opinión f ree of charge. Charees ■ c!oteToaeBtwoSeenet8':8eTedGoldeaMomtOr " "ted). on Dieaeeaof Men, in-i WSo Names nsed without Written Consent. Prirate. No Medicine! Sent C. 0. D. No Namcs on Boxes or Enyelopes. Everything Confldential. Question List for Home Treatment and Cost of Treatment, Free. Drs. Kennedy & Kergan, 48 Shelby Street, Detroit, Mich.


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