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"During the next yeax, " said a member of Mr Cleveland's cabinet recently, "we are going to witness a remarkable eampaign in ihis country It will be neither sectional nor political Twc economie ideas are to struggle for the mastery in the minds of the people. It will be a eampaign of the printing press. Millions upon millions of books and pamphlets bearing upon the silver questiou will be circulated. Moreover, clubs will be formedfor andagainst the free coinage of silver in every state, every couuty, almost every township and school district in the country. "In my opinión, it will be the most remarkable intellectnal struggle ever een in the world. It is siniply that and nothing more If any oue imagines il. to be an array of the debtor against the creditor class, he is very much mistaken. It is not a question of seifishness on the one side or the other. You eau 't stir up the American people in that way over a matter of dollars and cents. No; the great campaigu must be regarded as an evideuce of the wonderfnl intellec-fcual activiry of erar people, of their desire to study these questions, of pride of opinión, when once formed, of the spirit of proselyting in a cause which chances to euiist one 's interest. No other period could produce such


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