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COÜNCII. C'HAMBER, I ANN Akbok, May 22, 1895. f Special session. Called to order by President Hiscock. : Roll oalled. Quorum present. " COMMUfi IC TIO SS. from the mayor Mayors's Office. May 22, 1895. f Olen. V. Mills, City Clerk: _ Sir : You will cali a special [sessiou of the Common Council to be held on Wednesday, May 22,1895, at 7 :30 p. m. to consider amendments to the charter ïelative to the Board of Public .Works. Yours truly, ' ,1'„, (j'Warren'E. Walker Mayor. Alderman Ferguson: That thejcharter be amended by amending Sections 134-135 and 139 as shown ty the proposed bill. ÏSm Ajbill to amend an act, "An act to re-incorpórate the city of Ann Arbor, revise the charter of said city and repeal all conflctiing acts relating] thereto. " Being Act Three Hundred and Thirtyone of the local acts of Michigan' of Eighteen JHundred and Eighty-nine jip. proved March flfteenth, eighteen hundred and eighty-uine, as amended .by Act number Two Hundred and Sixty-two of the local acts of Eighteen Hundred and Ninety-one Japproved March twenty-eight, eighteen hundred and ninetyone, as amended by Act number Two Hundred and Eighty-trwo of the local acts of Eighteen Hundred and Ninetyone, approved April tenth, eighteen huudred ind ninety-one, and as amended by Actnnmber Three Hnndred and Sixtyeigtat of the local acts of Eighteen Handred and Nincty-three, approved April twenty-seventh, Eighteen Hundred and three, by amending Sections two, five, seventeen, thirty-one, thirty-three, thirty-four, sixty-one, sixty-nine, seventy-seven, eighty three, eighty-eight, ninety, one hunred and seven, one hunrded and eleven, andj one hundred and thirty-three, andas amended Act number , approveed March fifteenth, Bighteen Hundred and Ninety -five, by amending sections one hundred and thirty-four, one hundred and thirty-five, and one hundred and thiïty-nine. Section 1 - The people of the State of Michigan enact: That "Sections One Hnndred and Thirty-four, One Hundred and Thirty-five, and One Hundredjfand Thirty-nine, ' 'be amended so that said sections, twhen amended shall read as follows : Sectiou 134 - There shall be a Board of PublicWorks in the said city consisting of five discreet and competent men who shalljbe electors of the "city, and no two of whom shall reside in the same ■ward. The members of the said board shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to the confinnation of the Common Conncil, and shall hold office for the term of three years and until their successors are appointed and qualified, their said term of office to commence on the .1 5th day of May, of each year. Section 135. - The said board'Jshall "be appointed on the first Monday of -June. A. D. 1895, and the common council shall theroupon, and at all times fchereafter provide the board with a snitable office room for its meetings and business uses, and supply record books, stationery and other things necessary for the ti-ansaction of the business in ■charge of the said board and provide for the payment, in like manner as other accounts against the'city, of all necessary and lawful expenses incurred by said board. Section 139 - Said board shall have the power to appoint, subject to the approval of the common council, a city ngineer who shall hold office during the pleasure of the said board, shall make all surveys required for the laying -ont, oonstruction, alteration, repair and i mproveruent of streets, sewer, water mams, cemeteries.parks, public grounds and buildings, and prepare all neessary plans, profiks andspecifications theref or and perform the civil engineering work of said city of every descripition, .as required by the common council, the said board of public works, or anj other lavful authority of the said city : said engiueer may, subject to the' approval f fche board of public works, appoint ■.snecè. assistnntsunder him as are required tm the proper and prompt perform - .anoe of liis dnties and discharge such aKsistants at pleasnre, said board shall also have the power to appoint saitable persons, who shall have the personal supervisión of the construction aud repair of the public building : and the said 2oard shall have the power to appoint, subject to the approval of the cominon oouncil, a street commissiouer, "Jwho shall have charge of the grading, paving, iinproving, cleaning and care of the streets, sidewalks, alleys, and public grounds, the constructionof sidewalks, and the cleaning and deepening the ditches.Jdrains and gutters, under the direction of said board of public, works, who may remove thejsaid street oommissioner at pleasure, and may appoint such other subordinates as may be necessary to enable the board to properly perforni the duties devolving upon it. Said board shall determine the compensation of said engineer and other appointees of said board, subject to a change by a majority vote of all the members elect of the common council ; and all other claims for the same, when certified by the board, shall be submitted to the common council for allowance and payment, in the same manner as other claims against the city. The resolution and proposed ainendment were lost as f ollows : Yeas - AldermenAllmendinger, Koch , Snyder, Laubengayer, Ferguson, - 5. Nays - Aldermen Moore, Maynard, j Brown, Taylor, Shadford, Prettyman, Coon, Butterfield, Cady, President Hiscock - 10. On motion the council adjourned. City Clerk.


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