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A Ball At The Elysee

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A modern bal] at the palace of the Elysoe, in Paris, where the president of Frauce lives, is au extraordinarily brilliant and picturesque sight, for, besides the military trappings and gold braid of the arrny ofHcerrs and the exquisito, delicately tinted toilets and elabórate coiffures of the Frenchwornen, thereare the vari(3d "habits" of the inany inerabers of the diplomatic corps. These uniforins alone are sufflcient to furnish a brilliant mass of color and elabórate display. Described in detail and according to their nations, they are these : France. - A coat of dark blue, embroidered with gold ornameuts and leaves. Enssia. - A green ta::c, embroidered in silver and figured in lilac. Gtermany. - A dark blue coat, embroidered in gold and faced with gold ornaments. Austria. - A coat of green cloth, embroidered with a gold acanthus palm. England. - A coat of dark blue, also embroidered with an acanthus palm ol gold. Italy. - A coat of royal blue, embroidered with golden leaves. Spain. - A coat of blue, embellished with gold leaves and ornaments. Portugal. - A coat of blue with golden leaves. It should be remembered that the rank of a diplomat is sliown by the embroideries that adorn bis uniform. The higher standing he has the greater the amouut of gold that is upon his person. Embassadors and ministers plenipotentiary have their colhirs and cnffs, their breasts and the facings of their pockets set oiï with golden thread. The secretaries of embucies and the various consul generáis have just a shade less of adornment on their uniforms. Froin au overplusage 3fc gold lace the other extreme is reached in the conventional evening clothes of the Americau embassador, who appeai's a solemn and marked figure in the gay assemblages in his relief of somber black and -white. The French presidents usually wear ordinary evening clothes, cut in the conventional style, but their white shirt fronts are broken gorgeously by the broad red band of the Legión of Honor


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