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Does The Eye See?

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The qtiestion asked in the headline may sound odd to you if you have never taken the trouble to give the subject serious thought, but I ventnre the broad statement that you are not able to answer the question "offhand. " It is an admitted fact, I must confess, that the eye is the "organ of visión," yet there is but little doubt, even in the minds of opticians and physiologists, that the phenomena of "seeing" is chiefly mental - in other words, that it is the mind and not the eye that "sees. " Howoften have you seen a friend who seemingly was engaged in looking intently at some object on the table, at the opposite side of the room or at some picture, who on being aroused froru his day dream would confess that he was "looking at notbiug m particular. ' ' The explanation of the fact that he saw "nothing in particular" is plain enough if properly set forth. It is because his miad was busy with other times and scènes. Faces, bits of wayside scenery, etc, were being presented to view in the panorama of the mind„and the "mind's eye" - or mental visión - was engaged in eagerly scanning pictures of impressions made thereon months, years or scores of years before. Another test of this mind visión theory is to shut your eyes tightly and then ply the brain to the task of recalling faces and forms that have not been seen by the eye for years. And, again, if you want to know whether your companion looked at his watch with his brain or his eyes, ask him the time of day af ter he puts the


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