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Tackles The Libel Question

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After the adoption of Smith's resolution John H ï'ow of Philadelphia, offered a preamble and resolution, the latter of which reads: Resolved. That that the secretary of this league request the different etats legislativo bodies to introduce and pass the following biü: Before any 9ult shall be brought for the publication of a libel in any newspaper In this state the aggrieved party hall, at least three days before filing or serving the complaint in guch suit, serve notice on the publisher or publishers of said newspapers at their principal ofílce of pubhoation, specifying the statements In the eaid artiole which he or they may allege to be false or defama tory. ' 'If it shall appear on the trial of said action that the article was published in good faith. that lts falsity was due to a mistake or misapprehension of the facta. and that a full and fair retraction of any e tatemen t therein alleged to be erroneous was published in the next regular Issue of such newspaper, or in case of daily papers within three days after such mis take or misapprehension was brought t the knowledge of such publisher or pub lishers, in as onspicuousa place and type in such newsrmper as was thearticle oom plained of as libelous, then the plalntiÊ in such cases shall recover only aotuat damages. " 'Provided, however, that the provtsions of this act shall uoc apply to the case of any libel against any candidate for a public office in this state, unless the retraction of che charge is made editori ally in a conspicuous nianner at least three days before election, in case such libsllous article was published in a daily pnper. If published in a weekly paper at least ten ys bufore the election.' " Charles Emory Smith indorsed the resolution, and said that the press make3 and unmakos legislators and professional men, only to flnd that sometimeá the latter use the power given to destroy the newspupcf interests. General Angas boast.-d of having had flfty-two libel euits and only lawyers' fees to pay Ttte resoluuon wns adopted


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