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The insurrection in Cuba has aroused so ...

The insurrection in Cuba has aroused so ... image
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The insurrection in Cuba has aroused so mnch syinpathy ainong our people that it has become necessary for the president to issue a proclamation warning all citizens against recruiting armed forces for service against Spain on American soil. The president and sèc: retary of state are determined that there shall be no infraction of our international obligations so far as it is in the power of the government to prevent the same. It is very natural that there should be a strong sentiment among our citizens favorable to the Cubans. Out people are al ways in synipathy with movements which make for liberty and freedom f rom oppression. It is feit that the Cubans have just cause of rebellion. The treatment to which the island bas been subjected by Spain has been infanions. Government there has been bnt organized rapaoity. It has not been administered in __. the interest of the people but for the benefit of the Spanish treasury. Then Cuba is a continental island belonging to the American system and there is a feeling here that it ought to be under the stars and stripes. All these things tend to tempt an element of onrcitizenship to lend a hand in aid of the Cn,bans. The duty of our government, however, is plain. These over zèalous citizens shonld be restrained and we shonld meet all our obligations to the Spanish nation with which we are at peace. Citizens may rest assured that the government will recognize the cause for which the Cubans are struggling should it gain such headway as to make snch recognition iustifiable. The strongest evidence probably oï the improvement that has taken place in business of every kind is the advance in wages. Wages do not improve as a rule until the iinprovemeiits in business have become marked and stable. Tn fací wages always advanoe last. Bat as has been the improvemeut in every ]ine of mdnstry, that it wouid have been more marked had it not been for the oontinuéd and aggresslave free silver agitation admita of little doubt. Foreiguers are not jet quite satisfied that this country will continue on its present financial basis and they are a little charry of our securities therefore. If this cloud over the country was removed no doubt the imporvement would be much more marked and rapid and the government ,receipts would be largely increased. The state tax levy iniposed by ouj overwhelmingly republican legislatnre is the largest iu the history of the state. It is uot to be raised for educatioual pnrposes however. Evidently the republicaus do not desire more educatiou. What they want is more pap, and they will get a goodly amount in the next two years from the dear people. There is a lively republican fight going on in Wayne county between the McMillen and Pingree fations. The fight at present is over the control of the city cominittee, looking forward to conti olling the caucuses. The leaders of both factions evidently propose to run the caucuses to suit themselves without regard to the wishes of the republican masses. Miss Bower, of this city, president of the Woman's Press association of Michigan, has recommended to the association the establishment of a stiffrage news bureau to boom woman's sufïrage. Certainly women will never get the nght to vote until they ask for it and this the great ruajority of women have not yet shown themselves prepared to do. Ex-President Harrison, G-ov. McKinley, Gov. Morton, Thomas B. Reed, Don Cameron, Senator Allison and several others are doing some lively scoring as candidates for the republican presidential nominatiou. It really looks as if these fellows thought there was something in it. Last fall everything went overwhelmingly rcpublican, so much so that from most of the states are arising cries of relief that the "worst legislaturas" in many years have adjourned. One does nót have to seek far to find the moral.


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