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Fourth In Australia

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There are two days in the year, out side ihe regular hölidays, which Aus trali::i' ; recognize as anniversaries to b honoied ïhese are St Patrick's day and tliè Ainericau Deolaration of lude pendenoe, a:, i every Englishman or Scot who would have to look in an ahnauac to lind out on what day tíi. George's 01 St. Audrew's day falls, kuows at ouce what the 1 Tth of March aud the Fourth of July mean to some of their fellow colouists. On the Fourth of July the stars anc stripes wave s-ide by side with the Australian fiag from the town halls of Sydney, Meïboume, Adelaide, Brisbaiie, Atiekland and other Australian cities, while every one who eau anyhow manage to raise an American flag f or the occasion will hoist it. The tram cars running from Sydney to Botany, and from other cities to wherever the celebration is to be held, will be decorated much as they are in New York, a::d speeches will be made 111 oí V ashington, iFranklin,Hamilton, Jefferson and other Americaus who did so much to secure foi British colouists all over the world the freedom they uow enjoy. The omnibus horses will cany the stars and stripes and the union jack on their heads, and the people will erowd to Botany and other places of resort, some to hear the speeches and others to enjoy themselvës in other and perhaps more congenial ways, for it is not every one who cares to listen to a long speech, however iuterestiug it may be. The bands will play the "Star Spangled Batnner, " "Hail, Columbia, " "Home, Sweet Home," "Away Do%vn Upon the Swanee River, " "Marching Through Georgia" and " Yankee Doodle, " so tliat an American niight, for the time, almost f ancy himself in his own land. -


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