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The sewing school has a picnic to morrow. The high school commencement occurs next Friday. Robert Ross is building a house on Summit street. William ule is the smiling father of a wee daughter. The Landwehr society will celébrate Jtily 4 at Relief park. A tally-ho party from Jackson visited Ann Arbor Monday evening James L. Babcock is building a large barn on his farm at Whitmore Lake. The open car rides on the street railway evenings are proving very popular. The junior lits beat the senior laws at base ball Monday by a score of 25 to 23. The sophomore medies have presented Dr. W. A. Campbell with a fine fishing outfit. A stray horse and bnggy were captured near the corcnty house Tuesday night. The Salvation army in Ypsilanti draws such crowds as to blockade the streets. Work on the long talked of Pratt block on South Main street commenced Wednesday. The Ann Arbor Organ company Bhipped organs to different states Wednesday. Randall, the photographer, has received an order for photographs from Switzerland. The demand for houses next f all is very brisk, indicating a large attendance at the University. The ladies auxiliary of the Y. M. C. A. give a social at the Y. M. C. A. rooms Friday eveniug. The work of lathiug the main audience room of the Trinity Lutheran chnroh has oommonoed. Fifteen residents of Columbus, Ohio, are enjoying an outing at the Lake house in Whitmore Lake. The connty ofiioials have challenged the menibers of the common council to play a game of base ball. There's fttn ahead. Steps are being taken to determine the mental condition of William Kensler, of Manchester, now in jail for making threats. The series of lectores on the great oratorios accompanied by music of the composers treated of will be conchided at the M. E. church next Sunday evening- The Y. P. S. C. E. of the Congregational church will give a "lawn party" at the home of Williani Wagner, corner Main and Packard streets, Saturday evening. Everyoue welcome. No charges of any kind. Ice creain and cake are the refreshments. Next Sunday Rev. P. O. Dwyer, a priest of St. Paul diocese, Minnesota, and a man noted in the northwest for his eloquence and erndition.wiíl preaoh at St. Patriok's church, Northfield, at the 10:30 mass on the "Real Presenoe in the Sacrament of the Altar." The beautiful feast of Corpus Christus eelobrated oa that day in all CathoVo churohea throughout the kaown worlrt. The services at the Methodist chucrh for the two past Sunday evenings have been very interesting. It has been the occasion of a course of lectores on "The Gospel in Great Oratorios." The par-ticular topics have been "Mendelssohn" and "Gounod" respectively. The ïnusic for the evening has been chosen froni these two composers. Next Sunday eveniug the last lecture in this course will be given by Dr. Cobern. Special music will be provided as before. Prof. B. M. Thompson will bnild a ïew house on Churoh srreet. The graduating olass ot' the high ohooi tliis year numbers ninety eight. The annual oantonment of the I. O. D. F. will be held in this city next Dctober. Regent Barbonr will deliver the adïress in behalf ot' the Univrsity the Angelí bust. The onliuance cominittee of the coxmjil will soon get down to work on the revisiou of the ordinances. Coünty Schooi Comnaissioner W. W. Wedemeyer delivcrs the Fourth of July Dration at Salem station this year. The Bethlehem Y. P. S. C. E. give a 3ocial at the residence of Samuel Kranse, on West Liberty street, this svening. If you want to see a bouquet flf ty feet high just look at that flowering catalpa tree in front of the Arlington House. The Lyra Singing society attend the dedication of a flag in Lansing, July 4, and have chartered Greenwood's private car for the occasion. The U. of M. Daily is now appearing three times a week. It has always hitherto suspended publication for the year before this date. Rev. J. W. Bradshaw was this week chosen moderator of the Miohigan Congregational association, which has been in session in Olivet. Editor Helber has a yearling colt by Flashlight which made a quarter of a mile in forty-three seconds on the Duudee track last Saturday. The senior law students have passed highly eulogistic resolutions concerning Prof. J. C. Knowlton and have decided to present him with a cañe. The talk of a new opera house for Yüsilanti is still current, as it has been for many months, but there seems to be more foundation for it now than hitherto. The Maccabees celebrated the fourteenth anniversary of their order in this state, by a banquet at their hall, Tuesday evening, and had a very enjoyable time. The Young Men's Sunday evening club conduct their last meeting for the season at the Congregaitonal church next Sunday evening. A special song service will be held. The flrst passenger railroad in this country was opened in 1831 running f rom Schenectady to Albany, sixteen miles in lensrth. In 1835 Martin Clark, of this city rode over that road. Jack Loney paid the costs in Justice Gibson's court Wednesday on the charge made against him of too persistently soliciting passengers at the Ann Arbor depot, and the case was dismissed. The Lewis art colleetuou arrived in this city yesterday. There may be some litigation over a few of the more valuable pictures ,which the residnary legatee ref uses to deliver. The Odd Fellows Mutual Aid uid Accident ussociation has just paid Anson Wright $1,500 for the loss of his left arm sustained two months ago. Mr. Wright has become agent for the society here. Lawrence T. Cole, lit '92,is spending a few weeks with his grandfather, Gov. Alpheus Felch. Mr. Colé has just graduated from the Episcopal Theological Seminary in New York city, which he has been attending dnring the past three years. He goes abroad in the fall to further pursue his studies, having been given a scholarship by the seminary. Norman McLaren Carueron, the law student expelled from the law departcnent recently was in the city Monday looking up his appeal to the board of regents. He says th'xt he has a good position on the Detroit Tribune. On the 25th of the month he will be sent to Mackinaw as staff correspondent. On the first of Augnst he will go on the Chicago ínter Ocean at a good salary to commence with a promise of a raise at the end of the month. A telegram received here the first of the week contained the sad news thac Howard S. Wait had died quite suddenly in New York City. Mr. Wait was a successfnl young lawyer and was a son of the late W. Howard Wait, of New York City.who graduated here in 1848. His motiier is a sister of Mrs. H. ,T. Beakes.Mrs. Hubbard and Mr.Swathel. of this city, and Mrs. Sinclair, of Detroit. His sudden death was a great shock to his friends here. He leaves a mother and one brother. His life was an unselfish and most useful one, and his early death is a sad blow to his mother to whom he was ever a most devoted and thoughtful sou. His mother and brother have the heartfelt sympathy of their friends here. Furniture dealers have been notified fchat goods have advanced as follows : Advance of Frerich Plates. 22} per cent. ; advanee of Quartered Oak, $10 per M; advance of Dry Red Oak, $5 per M ; advance of Labor, 10 to 20 per cent ; advance of Furnitnre, 1 0 to 25 per cent. mnst follow. In spite of the above inforroation I am still keepiu up uiy reduotlon sale and all goods are still going at a great sacrifice. Martin Halier, Aun Arbor, Mich.


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