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One Cat Worth $12,500

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It ís estimated that there are 360,000 3ats iu England and 69 varieties. With thegreater uumber of these varieties the average reader is probably quite unfamiliar. Tortoise shell and white toms are very common, says an English writer, but a pnre tortoise shell torn is so extremely scarce that many people declare that they exist only in the imagination. Any one who happens to possess a female red tabby without any white spots oould obtain a price which would keep him in comfort for at least a couple oí years without work. Female red tabbies are as rare as tortoise shell toms. The taste in Persian cats just now runs on the deep blue with orange colored eyes. Edward Lloyd, the tenor, had one for which he repeatedly refused $150. The bright slate or bine is a favorite variety of the Persian, the price sometimes going as high as $135. White cats of really herculean proportious readily fetch $500. The Marqnis of Dufferin is extremely partial to white sats, upwardof a dozen of these splendid creatures being comfortably domiciled at the British embassy in Paris. Russian cats fetch high prices. The Duchess of Bedford owns several of a species extremely rare - a very curióos tint of blue. Russian white cats are also highly prized, bnt the white variety is seldom losf hnirod. Mr. S;. i Woodiwiss is the owner of a 3mooth l..ü'. I tom, Xonophon, of such gigantic proportious that when the writer, ai. t an iutrodtiction, indnced the cat to appr ai 'i by calling iu seductivo accents, he esporienced a feeling akin to dismay as the mammoth jumped on his knee, which in the cotirse of a few moments beg;in to exhibit unmistakable signs of fatigue, and no wonder - for 25 pounds is a fair weight. Xenophon is valued byits owner at $12,500. Lady de Trafford has cats of sucjj. remarkable ugliness that tïio writer fora morüeut took them for a hairy sort of bnlldog. The value of cats is much enhanced ii they possess the black markings on the chest known as the "Lord Mayor's chain. " The writer has eeen a cat of this sort for which the owner would not take $2,500. Some cats are actually vegetarians, and a curious variety from Burma wil) only drink water. The only remedy in the world that will at once stop itchincss of the skin in any part of the body, that is absolutely safe and never failing is Doan's Ointment. Get it from your dealer.


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