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Nervous, Despondent, Diseased Men

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T. E. GLEASON. T. E. Gljfi RON. S. O. ROLTJNS. G. O. ROLLINS. Before Treatment. After Treatm .n. Before Treatment. After Treatment. Emisslons, Varlcocele, Seminal Weakness, Self-Abuse. Syphtlis. Gleet, Stricture, Unnatural Discharges, Loss of Vital Fluid in Urine. Impotency, Sexual and Mental Weakness. Kldney and Bladder Diseases Positlvely CURED OR NO PAY. 16 Years in Detroit. 200,000 Cured. Youngor Middle ïou havo led a gay life or indnlged in the vioes of early youth. Yon feel Aged Man. the symptoras stealing over you. er lair excesses have broker down yonr system. Mentalhj, physically and te-iuatly you are jiot tlie man you nsed to be or snould be. Lnstful practices reap rich harveBt. Think of t he future. Will you hecd the danger signáis? Are you nervousaxd weak; despondent am! gloomy; spccks before yes; back weak and kidneys irritable; palpitation of heart'; drums and losses at night; sediment in urine; weakened manhood; pimples on face; eyes s: men and cheeks hollow: poor memory; careworn expression; Varicocele; tirpd in mo'rniii..-. lifeless; distrnstful; lack energ.v trungth and ambition. Our New Method Treatment wil : positively cure you. lt will maleo a man of yon and life wil! open anew. We guárante? ín ■ 'tre you or refund ad inonf-y paid. ""No names used without written consent. 51,000 paid lor any case we take and cannot cure. SNATCHED FROW1 THE CRAVE-A Warnlng From the Living. Emissions "At 15 I learned a bad liabit. Had losses for seven years. Tried four doctors Cured. and nerve tonics by tlia score, without benefit; I "becamo a nervous wreek. A fnend who had been cured by Drs. Kerïnedy & Kergan of a similar diseose, a ivised me to try them. Ididso.,and in twomonthe was pniüvcly curcd. T'liis was eight years ago. I am now married autl have two healthy childvun." C. W. LEWIS, Sagimw, Mich. Varicocele "Varicocele, the result of aarly vice, mnde üf misprabli. 1 was wiftk nnd nerCured. vous. eyes sanken. bashful in society, hair tlim. dre uns and io-sos at nit;lt. no ambition. The Goldon Mouitor'' opennd m, eyes. The Now Motho.1 ïr ahnntof Drs. Kennedy & Kergan cured ino in a few weeks." I. L. l'li TEHHüN, lonia, Mich. Syphilis "This terrible blood diseaso was i u my system for eis' 't yearé'. H;v taken merCured. cury for two years, bat the diseaso retnrned. Eyes red, p;mplenrid blotches on the skin, ulcers in the montli and on tongne, bone pains, fallins nol cC Imir, wcs'knosB, etc. My brother, who had been cured of (Heel and Sricture by D'S. Kennedy & Kersaii, recommended them. They cured me in a few weeks, aud 1 thank Lied 1 i'-onsuited them. No retnrn of the diseaae in six years." w. 1'. il.. Jackson, Mich. A Minister The liev. W. E. Sparks, of Detroit, says: "I know of no disease so iujurions to Speaks. the mind, bodv aud soul of joimg men as that of tlf Abue. I luive sent many victims of this lustfnl habit f.o Drs. Kennedy & Kergan lor 1 1 eatment. I can lieartily endorse their New Metliod TrcaLnmt which cured Ihem when all eJso laücd." A Doctor "I know nothing in medical science so elHciont for the euro of SyphiHi and Recommends Sexual Dis-ases as tho Xeio Mellwd rrealm-ni or Drs, Kennedy & Rergan. Many it. cases which had baiïlod scores of phystcians were cured in a fow weeke. 1 have seen this with my own eyes and know it to be a tact." T. K. AL1.1SÜN, M. D. RoaHar Havo you been giúlty? Has yonr B oml Ivon discised? Are yon weak? Do yon nCaUCI desire to be a maní Are yon cont'-mpliaing ranrriaRp? rw 'Method Treatment wiü positively cure yon. Cures Guaranteed or o Pay. Consultation Fr e. No matter who has treated yon, writo for an houet opinión f ree of charge. CharKes reasonable. Books Free.- "The Golden Monitor" iillustrated), on Diseasesof Men, Enclose postage, two cents. Sealed. üSTNo Names used without Written Consent. Priyate. No Medicine Sent C. O. D. No Names ou Boxes or Enrelopes. Everything Confldential. Qucstion List for Home Treatment and Cost of Treatment, Free. Drs. Kennedy & Kergan, 148 Shelby Strest, Detroit, Mich.


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