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May And Matrimony

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The pagans had a myth that "only "bad woruen marvy in May. ' ' They had another, that ïf the marriage did take place the eouple would live mostunhappily, and c-hildreu boni of the mamare - if it was not hopelessly rendered bar ren by thtis slapping the f ates iu the face - wonld be deforined or imbeuiie With prizes like that in prospect, it ijnot much that ihe iguorant anl auperstitious tuboo May untmages. tuit there is no excuse yet crasy of thinking ppople - at least, tío sensible one. Ovid was a flnn beiiever m rhe sn perstitiou aud said thut 110 vridów ui yotm# girl would inan-y iu A!ay unLess he wished to invite the disple.umre ut the gods, and that the ir.qnudent svaui anwho braved their wralh would tilJ ui arly grave. Ovid piniied lus faith t.o rosy June, the birth mouth of ,lune, and when he got ready to launcli his daufrh ter on the matrimonia] sea he studip.d the stars and all the superstitioii.s u make snre that he would uot run upou Scylla in steering off Charybdis Resolved to match the girl, hu tried to find What days unprosperous were. what muons were kind. After June's sacred ides his fanoy strayed- ïood to the man and happy to the maid


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