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Small Boy And Big Voice

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in e uoy ana nis voice were not mates. That was evident the moment the former attempted to nse the latter. The one was not quite a "5 foot boy, " vvhile the other would easily pass as a ' ' 7 foot voice. ' ' They both got on an Alley L train at Congress street, and the boy undertook to 0ay soiuething about haviug 5 o'clock paj)ers to sell, wherenpon the Windows rattled and the car began to rock. ïlie old man who had junjped sohigh that his head nearly struck the roof looked at the boy reproachfully for a moment and then atteinpted to be humorous. "A little louder, please," he s;üd. "Huh?" retnrned the boy inquiriugly. "Speak a little louder. Have you lost your voice?" The otiier passengers laughed, and the boy seemed somewhat discomfited. "Paper?" he asked, going close to the man. "No, " replied the man, gratified at the success of his little joke. "I was merely wondering why youdidn't speak out instead of whispering. " The boy was close to the man's ear by this time, and he let out a cry of "Evening papers!" thatfairly jarredthe engineer. He got to the door first, and the book that the old man threw af ter him merely raised a bump ou the side of the ductor 's


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