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The Name Aroused Her

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Mr. Rudolf Lehmauu declares that he once fonnd political anirnosity of great service to him in painting a portrait. His sitter was a London lady who be longed to a family renowned for its Btauch political opinion.s. It was the height of summer and very hot. The lady was inclined to be stout, and under the inflnence of the heat she now and t-hen feil into a nap, to the serious annoyance of the painter. Her husband, who knew her weakuess in this regard, aaked Mr. Lehmann in the lady's absence if he had experienced any trouble of this kind. Mr. Lehmann con ld not deny it. "Very well," said the husband, "the next time it occnrs you just meution Mr. Gladstone, and you will have no further difficplfy. " ïhe artist tooi; the hint, with immodiate effect. Henceforth tho ladywa.salmost .too wide ivv-ake. - Youth's Coninanion. Aluminium. In obíainicg alamina from clay, ;n'ooi'diug to Kcibliug, supposing a clay of i kuówn strczigth, iu the alumina, for eac-h ínolecnle of the latter tb oro is ineorporated wiüi the clay fliree molecules of ammoniuin snlphate and au almost egaal weight of neutral potassium sulphate. One molecule of the latter is I theoretically Hiffieient, and the whole is well worked up and made into hollow bricks, these to be baked at 270 degrees to 280 degrees. The ammonium sulphate is then decomposed into acid ammonium sulphate and ainmoniacal gas, which may be collocted in a condenser. The acid of the ammonitun sulphate is flrst thrown upon the neutral potassium sulphate, which becomes acid sulphate, and the latter at this temperature, in preseucti of alumina and clay, is neutralized by the alumina, forming doublé aluminium and potassium sulphate - i. j e. , alum. The bricks are then extraoted j by methodic lixiviation, and the silica may be used for cement. The alum is frecd from iron by recrystallization, and the solutiou may be treated for the precipitation of the alumina by ineans of tho ammoniü, whicli lias been distilled off. To obtain the ilumina in a granulated state it is . spread out upon stages in a tower traversed Lrom top to bottom by the hot inoist ammonia obtaiued on aking tho bricks.


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