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Both Papers Were Useful

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Bill Wright was a jusnce oí bb Mice aud also an absentminded man, oséwifewas as able an orator as üY Pused to serve all his processes Mmself and to save time would sign the Image certiflcates in blank and deliv„annuibertotheparson. One day Bill had a process to serve wayup in the mountains on a semibarwons recluse, who was sued for dames for some disdeeds, and Bill thought hf would deliver a few of the certificates to the parson. _ go sticking both packages of papers m tbe same pocket, he mounted bis horse gad rode off. Reaohing the mimster's, he stopped jjidchatted awhile, and, af ter deliver ing bis papers, he started off again and took the road to the mountains. Tbe parson had a wedding that day one of the partiea being a notorious horse Uief froni an adjoining county. Whei the ceremony was over, the parsoii se lectid a certifícate from the bundie and nurolled it sufficiently to sign his name Ou liauding it to the man the latte opeued it, and his eye grew wild as he read instead of a marriage certifícate a warrant of arrest, signed by both th instice of the peace and by the parson He foared some trap, so surreudered himself to custody. Wheu the justice reached the moun tain side, he touk out the paper to read it and irnniediutely aaw its na.ture, but maintaiunig his self possessioii, he re citod the lorm oí suiamous which h fortuuately reniombei-ed. He then returnecl uud füiuid the hors thief in jail and wout and saw the par son. reinarking, with Jiis own matn monial felicity in mind, that both pa pers had umntentionally served the end of


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