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Murder At Omaha

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OM a HA. July i.- Five badly frightened ndivi.luulá ocoupying murderers' oells at ihe pólice station, & rusidonce resemuling n miiny respecta a 6laughter house, and the unaccountable absence of John Selan are the features of a peculiarly mysterious tragedy whtch is engaging all the Dmaha pólice and detectives. Soljan is ;he supposed victim, while Mr. and Mrs. Víate Míknn, Antón Ruckovitz, John Uban and John Drubnitz are tho prisoners. Robbery is the presumed object of the crime, but the feature most coufusing to the pólice is the unexp'ained absenoe of the corpse. No. 1250 ?T$rce street, a boarding house, is the scène of the crime. A hasty examinntion of the bedroom in which the man supposed to have been murdered slept showed signs of a bloody conflict. Blond All Over the Room. A great pool of blood was locted near the head of the bed, and the bedolothes were saturated in several places with blood. Bloo ly footprints were iound on the bed quilt and pillow. The door casing, walls, and floor vere stained in severil places with blood. A razor, a pocketknife, and an iron crowbar about two and a half feet long ere iound in the bedroom, which from appearances were used a weapons in the struggle. The strange deineanor of the inmates of the house was such as to prompt the detectives to placj them under arrest. Several ot the persons had blood on their clothes. All cerned are Poles. Monday the missing man seoured $1,000 from the ''Old Country." ïo obtuin this moaey tho crime, it ís thought, was oommitted. The pólice are of tho opinión that nfcer the murder was commicted the clothes of the rnurdered man, which were found on the river bank, were placed where found for the purpose of leaving the impression that th(5 man had committed suicide bydrowning himselí iu tiie river. Probable Time of the Butohery. The immediate discovery of tho clothea and the early appearanoe of the pólice at the. cottage preven ted the murderers from carrying out che further arrangemeats of removing the teü-tale clots o! blood, the blood-stains, and the bloody bed elothes. The body, it is believed, was removed from the house some time dur ing the night, judüing from the fresh wagon wheel trucks directly in front o: the house, which indícate that a wagon had been b ïcked up to the sidewalk in front. The condition of the blood on the floor indícate thes killing could not have been done later than midnight. The fac' lat Seljan's clothing and suspenderá were soaked with blood is taken to indi cate that he was killed soon after he re turned home at night and after he had undressed. Two TrnnUs Went to St. Louis. Several residents of the neighborhooc ay Seljan had nll sorts of money and hat he said he had received larg amount froru the "old country." Onf of tne men who was arrested told one o he ufficers that Seljan had got a lot o noney recently. The pólice are now try ng to flnd the body. Two trunks wer aken from the house during the nigh and went to St. Louis. The pólice ar nvestigating this clew and think th body has been cut up and placed in th trunks.


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