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A lew eveinugs agó a lawyer living in VVéfe't Plniuutíiphia was visited at his resiueiice by an indignant woiuan, who declured that she hád come for legal ádvice, aud m a businesslike mauuer deposited üii his table a $5 note as a retaiumg fee. After pocketing.the raoney the man of law politely requested her to proceed with her statement, she said she was contmuaily afflicted wíth a senes oí nuisüuces wüich she desired the lawyer to have abolished. Ühe was aunoyed by a neighbor on oue side. she said, who is a ruusic teacher aud trainer of the voice. The constant thumpmg ou the piano and the discordaiit uotes of the vocal students made herxvery uervous. On the other side the neighbor kept chickeus, which awoke her early in the morning by their crowing and aauoyed her duriug the day by flying over the fence and invading lier premises. Day and night she was made nervous by the noise of the 1 trolley cars passing her door, organ ( grindera and peddlers made her life miserable, hucksters added to her misery by calling their wares, and she wanted to kuow what action she raust take in order to be made free of suchnuisances. The lawyer reflected a few moments with corapressed brow. and tbeu said, "Madam, you are decidedly uufortunate, aud my advice to you is that you go to a real estáte agent and engage birn to secure for you a nice comfortable dwelling in the suburbs of some country village, vvhere the nearest ueighbor is a quaiter of a mile avvay, organ grinders uuknown, trolley cars unheard of, aud where hucksters and peddlers do not come. " Realizing that she was $5 out, the woman replied, 'Til do as you say and include among the others that no lawyers must exist in tliesame


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