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She Was Afraid

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Mme. Kirkholder's servan t was getting ready to go home for the night. It was about 9 o'clock in the eveniug. Just as her bonnet was on lier head and her hand on the door to depart, Mme. Kirkholder noticed that the face was aglow with grease - a liberal coat - from ear to ear. "Tut, tut, Katie!" remonstrated Mme. Kirkholder. "Wash your face before you go. Youmustn't go home with such a looking face as that. ' ' Katie muttered something, and taking off her bonnet tnrned to the sink, as if about to make the improvements suggested. It chanced that just as Katie was again about to depart Mme. Kirkholder was amazed to find her countenance even more tremendous in grease than bef ore. "What on earth is the matter with your face, Katie?" asked Mme. K. "Why don't you wash away that grease?" ; , ,A . "I',ze afeard of dem yar night doctahs," s:;id Katie ' faiutly. "Whai's that?" queried Mme. K. "The uiht doctors. What in the name of gocxUu'.s.s is n nijjht (iortor, and what have they to du wiiii yun:" "Why (o uigtit aoctañs dcue cotch yo'," replied K..tie iu a h'órrfïSWI whisper, "uu dey t.... .- yv' u;i b. - c!s yo' to def. 'Uei u.y Uoes. Dey cotches yo' au puts ;i piuhii yo' ïxiouf .so yo' eau 't squal, 4i)i lugü a, ijqsóou uiï som 'ves au bleeus "V'ui till dey'sihud. Au d..r'ivi;y 1 done grease all ixrau uiy mbuf. , Dat 's so no in.L-f.ih wou't .ick, au ef d.iy' tecueiTniè Í 'il Hjollér like a Wildckt, an yo' bet. dey 'il (o.ic drup ine,iiu ïno:;ey olï. 'Deed izo 'fe.ued. .Lif Kulihoidah, to go onteu de dark ouless iny mouf is greased. ' ' Aíiue. K. t-uid nu ïntn-e, aud wheu Katie lammed the back gate her


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