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Sinful Habits In Youth!

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KfiK=DRS-KK=DRS-K8rK=DRS-KftK ? LATER EXCESSES IN MANHOOD . K MAKE NERVOUS. DÍSEASED MEN g Dthe trades and the professions. X C RESTORED TO MANHOOD BY DRS. K. & K. Tw.A. WALKER. W, A. WALKER. MBS. CHAS. FERBY. CHAgFERBY.. befobetbeatment aftebtrbathknt Divorcedbutunitedagain ÍS-HO ÑAMES 0R TESTIMONIALS USED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENTÍ t ■f Wm A Walker of 16th Street says:-"I have sffBrd o Q V P H 1 1 I 5 intaM aonies f or my "gay lif e.' I was toL$Lt Kt tY""111-10 ' yonng and isnorant. Ab "Oneof the Boys Icontmctea IS CMIQQinN5 Syphilis and other Private diseaBes. I had ulcere m tnep K ttVHOOlUINO mouth and throat, bone pains, hair loose, Pff STRICTURE &rlTirstTp f Sca8e" ACURES GUARANTEED OR MONEY RfcFUNDED l ia-nt rhnR Fnrrv saTs:-"I o-we my Ufe to Drs. K. & K. . r-k-i--M V I lKAtÍ4PhenedTbIdhabit. At 21 1 had all the symptpms IMPOTENCY . IRof beminal Weakness and Spermatorrhoea, Bmissions .ARIPOrELE í ftwere draining and weakemng my vitolity. . 1 mirried at VAHIUUltLt m IS24 nnder advice of my family doctor, but ït was a C .iIlQQI fNS " IKonrl fixneripnce In eighteen months we were divorced. L LIV1 1 OO I U I'J g IQ?hen con"ulted Drs. K & K., who rertored me to manhood -. .pppj S B WWe treat and cure Varicocele, Emüsiomy NervousDebility, Seminal lívZkness, Gieet, Stricture, Syphilis, Unnatural Discharges, Sel 'Abuse . Kidney and Bladder Diseases. U K 17 YEARS IN DETROIT. 200,000 CURED. NO RISK „ Lrnrm Areyonaviotim? Have yoa lost hope? Are yon contemplating mar-# 'READER ! ?gi? PIIas yOur Blood been diseasei? Have you any weakness? O u( Hlüiseaeesof Men. Inclose postage, 2 cents. Sealed. M--Mr dri-D PnnoTrimrnV O KCDPAM No.l48SHELBY ST.i KcDRS. KENNEDY & KERGAN, detroit, mich. g LppC=DRg K&K=DRS KftK=PRSK8K


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