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Glorious Fourth

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Chicago, July 4.- It is a happy day today at Sharpshooters' park for any one ■who has patriotism in his heart, humor ín his clbow or musió in his soul. The joint committee of the Illinois State Federation oí Labor and the Trade and Labor Assembly of Chicago has done itself proud in the preparations made for the glorious Fourth. There is plenty of room at Sharpshooters' park for thousands of people, and there are numerous way9 of getting there, eithor by water or land. These various ways have been taxed to their utmost capacity at this writlng. The programme in its oxtent and variety provldes for the rousing of about every sentiment approprlate to the oocasion. If there is any one there today whose heart Is not ■tirred when the band plays "Yankee Doodle" and 'Tve Worked Elght Hours Today," he is expected to kick himself out of the orowd and niake room forsomebody who will appreciate the readlng of the Declaratlon of Independence. Programme IÍ-ííIhh Tnis Afternoon. The flrst thing on arriving people bunted shady spots to prepare their pionios, for the serious business of the day does not begin until 1:30 p. m., when muslc will be heard in the dancing pavilion. After that music and dancing will be the features, while gaines and pastime sports will be carried on In various parts of the park. This is introductory to the niain prograrame, whioh is most flttingly begun by an invocation by the Bev. W. H. Carwardine at 3 p. m. The committee is to be congratulated In securing the notable men who are to inake the addresses of the day - Governor McKinley, Vice President Stevenson, John McBride and Samuel Gompers. John McBride oppns the oratory with an address - "Trades Unions Are Founded On Principies of Law and Order." The vioe-president of the United States, Adlai JE. Stevenson, will then make a patriotio address. Other Features of the Celebration. Mre. Alzina P. Stevens, president of the Working Women's Central Counoil of Chicago, will deliver an address on a ■ubjeot which she has made a life study, "Chlld Labor in Illinois." At 5:45 p. m. will occur one of the prettiest features of the day - a flag-raising. It will begin by hu flan; oí a salute of thirteen guus and the flag will be raised by a young lady xepresenting Columbia, surrounded by forty-four other young ladies represèntIng the states. At 6 p. m. Governor McKitiley will deliver a patriotic address, and later Samuel Gompers speaks. There Ís a reception to the distinguished guests and flreworks, the whole clo9ing with the ■Inging of "My Country 'Tis of Thee." National Union Programme. The usual celebration of the day, under the auspices of the Cook county cabinet, Kational Union, took place at 10:30 a. m. la Central Music hall. The programme was as follows; örgan voluntary, nafdonal airs, Professor Louis Falk. "Battle Hynan of the Republic," ApolloQuartette. Beadinar, Declarntion of Independence, C. J. Kavanafrh. Vive I' Amerqui, Apollo Qnartctlo. latroiuctory, B. F. Chase, president of the cabinet. Oration, Dr. P. S. Henson. "Ötar Spangled Banner," Apollo Quartette. Organ voluntary, Professor Louis F ilk. Other Celebratlons of the 1 iy. Tlío Bryn Mawr club has arrunged a programme incl uiting uring a natiqnal salucu, rAisina; fl ig ao clubhouae, andpration by Munsoa T. Case; music by Bryn Slawr martlul band and athletlc sports. Blstrict asserably 24, Independent Order Knights of Liibor, gave a picnic and celebration at Bilinont grove. A grand. pionie and excursión was given by Courts Normania and Klate, of Independent Order of Foresters, at. Trout Park, Elgin. There were innumerable sraall picnics, and the "unattached" citizens had the public parks for a playground. Telegrams from ml portions of the country indícate that the Fourth ha3 lost none of its popularity.


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