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Dickens' Characters

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Nbt even Dickens, I think, fcrand room for a bntcher arnid bis Babyion oí trades. A bailiff he has and eight sherifif's offlcers, half a dozen beadles aiid half as many more brokers. The sheriff's offioer is, of course, a familiar enongh figure from the days of onr literary drama. An ingenióos American has eompiled a list of Dickens1 chaacters, classified by callings, and it reads like uothing so much as a trades directory. There are architects, auctioneers, bankers, barbers, boarding honse keepers, blacksmiths, carpeiiters, carriers, chandlers, chemists, clerks (a perfect aimy of them), coachmen, coal merchants, constables, corn chandlers, costumers, detectives, doctors, domestic servants, dry salters, engineers, engine drivers, farmers, fishermen, gamekeepers, grocers, greeu grocers, haberdashers, hopgrowers, jai Iers and turnkeys, laborers, lamplighters, lawyers, law stationers, locksmiths, manufactnrers, merchants, medical students, money le'nders, notarios, hostlers, pawnbrokers, parish clerks, plasterers, porters, postmasters, potboys, reporters, robeinakers, saddlers, sailors, sextons, shipwrights, stewards, stokers, stonemasons, sugar bakers, tailors, teachers, tobacconists, toymakers and merchants, undortakers, watennen, weavers, wharfingers, wheehvrights. The list might be made louger, but that perhaps is long enough to make you realize how amply provided with trades and tradesmen are the teeming


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