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John Goetz, jr. , caught a fourteen pound pickeral at Mand lake Sunday last. The dates of the Washtenaw county fair have been fixed for September, 24 to 27. St. Thomas academy is receiving a coat of paint. Charles F. Stabler has the contract. It is reported on the dead quiet that the republicans are laying pipes to capture the aldermanic elections next spring. Louis Leisemer, the editor of the Hausferund Post will be the orator at the Germán Day to be held in Ypsilanti August 22. The Epworth league will give a lawn social at the residence of W. W. Whedon on South State street this evening from 7:30 to 10:30. Citizens looking for investments will be interested in knowing that the city of Ann Arbor has $30, 000 of five year lateral sewer bonds to sell. The Ann Arbor Schuetzen Bund have offered to rent its range ro the Light Infantry for $75 for the first year, f 35 the second, and $25 per year thereafter. Prof. A. B. Prescott made the reply to the address of welcome by Hon. John B. Corliss at the opening of the state pharmaceutical association in Detroit Tuesday. . Friends of the Argus will not forget; to urge those that have anyth ing they wish to sell to usë the 'want column. Three lines cost only 25 cents for three weeks insertion. Louis Rhode has sold about 70 tons of old iron to Mr. Reichenbach, of Detroit. The stuff fllled four laïge care. lts removal will be an improvement to West Huron street. Miss Lillian C. M. B. Neeb and William W. Rettich, of the Ann Arbor fire department, were united in marriage last Saturday evening. Their friends wish them much happiness. If you wish to rent, sell or exchange your house, lot or farm use the columns of the Argus. Three lines for three weeks only cost 25 cents. The want column is the great bargain maker. The first brick kiln of the season of the Ann Arbor Brick and Tile Co., at ; Emory, has been fired. It will take a week or ten days before the brick will be cool enough to be moved. The question of raising teamsters wages to $3.50 per day for street work, was referred back to the board of public works, by the council, as the council believed it h ad not power to ast. Great preparations are being made for arbor day celebration in Owosso,' September 2nd. Hon. James O'Donnell, of Jackson, will be the speaker of the day. Among the attractions will be base ball games, etc. 9 The Ann Arbor city council at tho meeting Monday evening ordered the public works to prepare plans and estimates for the necessary grading of Chubb and Hamlin streets and appropriated $175 for doing the work. Rev. Jonh Neumann and Miss Sophie Schleicher have been elected delegates to the Christian Endeavor society of the Bethlehem church to the convention to be held in Sandusky, Ohio, during the month of August. Dr. D. A. MacLachlan and family will remove to Detroit in September to make that city their future home. The doctor is working enthusiastically to secure the removal of the Homeopathie college to Detroit. On Monday, the remains of Mrs. Eliza B. Harper, wife of J. C. Harper, of Milan, were interred in, Forest Hill cemetery. Rev. J. Ward Stone, of Milan, offliated at the grave. The cause of her death was cáncer. Ed Rosa, the delivery clerk of Will Stimson, the grocer, had a lively ride yesterday morning. A tug broke in the harness in front of the Farmers sheds on North Main street. This started up the horse. Mr. Ross was very nervy and kept his horse in the middle of the street and succeeded in stopping it on Spring street in front of Zenas Sweet's residence. No damage was done to the delivery wagon. A story lias been put in circulation that the fees charged by Dr. Heneage Gibbes are exhorbitan. His frienfls wish this corrected, as the doctor will be governed by the regular fee bill established by the Aim Arbor physieians. The oóntraut for furnishing groceries and vegetables to the animal encampment of the Michigan state froops, at Island lake. has been given to Edward Duffy. James Robison will furnish the necessary horses to be used by the offtcers. The side walk on the south side of West Huron street between First and West Third streets has not yet been taken in hand by the board of public works. The long suffering public must walk througk einder and dirt crossings, which should be covered with plank. Gottlob Maulbetch paid Justice Gibson $2 fine and $4. 70 costs for chasing his wife with a gun Tuesday evening and threatening to kill her. Officer Armbruster interfered(with Maulbetch's amusement and placed hini in hotel de Judson over night. John Huss, living south of the city on the gravel road, lost three valuable pigs. After harvesting his wheat the pigs were turned into the field. When he came to look after them the three pigs were lying dead. Over-eating and the excessive heat were probably the cause of death. The absence of the members of the board of public works from the line of the lateral sewers now being laid is very noticeabe. It is evident that they intend that the "responsibility for any uiistakes shall not be eharged to themselves, but shall be placed on those who have the work directly in charge. The Maoabees according to the July report of the Grand Record Keeepr Boynton are multiplying rapidly. There vvere received during the month of June ander the supreme tent jurisdiction, 5,895 applicaions and 1,500 under the Michigan great camp. The supreme liive also received 1,500 additional applications. The Sunday school excursión of the Bethlehem church to Whitmore Lake yesterday was a great success as to pleasure, although no net reaeipts were shown. Kearly six hundred, old and young, participated in the day's outing. Many from Aun Arbor drove out to the lake in carriages. It isreported that an American scientist now in Japan has discovered a new bug which feeds on the eggs of the potato beetle and that it will be brought to this country as a destróyer of the potato pest. Such a bug will find a welcome among our farmer provided it confines its ravages to the destrction of the pestiferous potato bug. John Moore, James Quarry, Ottmar Eberbach and Albert Schumacher attended the Michigan druggist convention held in Detroit this week. A delightful banquet at Star Island was a part of the exercises and varied the monotony of the discussion of cut rates and other trade interests. It has been intimated on the streets that if the board of public works don't soon hustle and take ruore interes.t in the purchase of a steam rollei and stone crusher, thèir heads will feil ia the basket. Those who intiniate this believe that the street committee are getting hot and don't appreoiate the little niotive imputed to thera. Ex-Sheriff Michael Brenner, of Detroit, arrived in the city Tuesday evening to visit old friends. Mr. Brenner reports real estáte business a little quiet, as evejybody is away on their vacation. He says the city of Detroit does nor use a stone crusher. lt buys crushed limestone deivered on the cars. He thinks this is much the cheaper plan than to have the city do the crushing. "I have lived in Washetnaw county sixty years and I have never seen such a dry season asthis, " remarked Comstock: Hill, the capitalist farmer of Lodi, the other day to the Argus reporter. "The rain on Tuesday just layed the dust with us ; that is all. Our corn has been looking pretty well, but now it is drying up. Wheat on Lodi plains will be good, but as soon as you get away from the plains, there will not be half a erop." Hudson P. Ellis of Texas City the secretary of the Texas land oompany writes to Ann Arbor friends that the pospects for southern Texas are very flattering. The crops have been very good and the county is enjoying a boom., Texas City is situated on the main land opposite the low sand island on whioh the city of Glveston is built. The land being firm and high the projectors of Texas City think it is only a question of time when it will eclipse Adolph Spring, brother of Emanuel Spring, of Hutzel & Co. , has been appointed postmaster at Hubbard, Midland county,in the place of his brother, Herman Spring resigned. Daring the recent forest fires Mr. Spring who was the deputy at that time removed his office to. Midland. Mr. Spring is well known in Ann Arbor having been one of the active ruembers of the Christian Endeavor society of the Bethlehem church. Tbere is no cheap Sarsaparilla so good; There is no good Sarsaparilla so cheap as Foley's Sarsaparilla. It is Several times strongerin blood cleansing Qualities than any other Advertised Blood Medicine. A. E. Mummery, clruggist. The D. & C. new stearners are now running four trips per week between Toledo, Detroit and Mackinac. Send for their illustrated pamphlets, Midsummer Voyages to Mackinac. Ad dress A. A. Schantz, G-. P. A. , Detroit