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The Teachers' Institute

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The state teachers' institute being held in this city this week is the largest ever held here, one hundred and thirty-eight teachers being registered. It is also proving of great interest and value to the participants and the good effects of it will be felt among the schools of the county this fall. Superintendent E. L. Briggs, of the Coldwater schools, is acting as conductor and also has special charge of the instruction in geography 'and civil government. Miss Ida V. Harris, who had charge of the Duluth training schools the past year, haa charge of nature study and reading. Superintendent M. A. Whitney, of Ypsilanti, gives instruction in grammar and history. Superintendent of Public Instruction H. R. Pattengill delivers two lectures to day. County Commissioner Wedemeyer has his hands full, but is ably caring for the institute. It is proving a great success. Tuesday afternoon Rev. Thomas Holmes delivered an address to the institute and spoke of his connection as a young man with Horace Mann in his work in Ohio. Yesterday afternoon Dr. Boone, of Ypsilanti, addressed the institute. The work closes today. The following teachers are in attendance: C. E. Hoffman, Julius F. Schmid, Schuyler Poster, Vernon Sawyer, George F. Walsh, J. R. Foster, Elmer E. Latson, T. M. Fuller, Judson F. Selleck, Fred A. Burnett, Arthur S. Lyon, jr., E. D. Lyon, G. D. Renwick, Arthur J. Leaty, George Grill, jr., Joseph M. Lamb, F. C. Cahow and W. N. Isbell, and Misses Cora E. DePew, Helen Duncan, Maud Hess, M. Erunia Taylor, A. Olive Latson, Millicent McColl, Katie A. Smith, Aggie Finnel, Lizzie Hammack, Carrie T. Wright, Edith R. Judson, Cora V. Orcutt, Minnie M. Rieder, Agnes O. Pratt, Jennie E. Brown, Matie C. Stapish, Hattie Janobs, May A. Bell, Nellie Hawkinf=, Alice Devine, Agnes Hawkins Charlotte L. Millard, Vina McCutcheon, Emma J. Stroh, Libbie O'Neil, Cora L. Young, Carrie A. Rockwell, May M. Wheeler, Deila McDonald, Lois S. Smith, Nellie Horner, Alice Muilen, Carrie Forner, Zada A. Rhodes, Ida A. Keusch, Bertha Sp;iu!dng, Jessie Flagler, Edith L. Spaulding, Maude Flagler, Emily Sanzi, Hattie I. Stebbias, Ina Woodmansee, Cora Woodmansee, Carrie Schaffer, Hattie Spaulding, Theresa Kearns, Laura Lyon, Eva M. Schaffer, Caroline Cullen, Clara M. Schinid, Minnie C. Allyn, Anna F. Bross, Carrie A. Wheeler, Agnes R. Sears, Leona G. Markham. Anna Chalmers, Nellie M. Brokaw, L. Blanche Benbow, Rena M. Hosner, Estella Donovan, Meta A. Bancroft, L. Mabel Heywood, Sophia East, Tertia A. Farnsworth, Alma Lyon, Ida Montonye, Lillie Digby, Maude E. Mills, Cora M. Allen, Mary Backus, Nellie A. Lowry, Anna Saver.y, Mrs. Nellie Litchfield, Pauline Wurster, Jessie B. Doane, Anna L. Clinton, May O'Hearn, Lou Valentine, Florence L. Briggs, . Mollie A. Briggs, Anna M. Fellows, Julia Kirchliofer, L. Gertrude Leland, E. Louise Morton, May L. Cody, Caroline Klager, Florence Anderson, Elsie G. Anderson, Or:ce Van Atta, Clara McCormiek. Millicent Rockwell, Annet L. Ailes, Emelie Neuberger, Clara Plympton, Mrs. Jj.Or. Downs, Julia A. Howard, Minnie L. Bonder, Cora E. Reno, Margaret L. McGuinness, Josie Hoey, Allie R Russell, Jennie E. McAxthur, Minna A. Drake, Emma C. Lutz, Ida Buss, Dora Harrington, Sarah McCourt, Anna L. Doane, Maggie T. McDivit, Anna Shannon, Julia M. Conklin, Bridget M. Dawson, May Thompson, Emma Weitbrecht, Clara Feiner, Emily Gundert, M. Antoinette ├Âillett, Jessie A. Walker, Mrs. M. E. GUI, Anastasia Wallace, Alice E. Moore and Carrie P. Krause.