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The Council Meeting

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The regular meeting of the couneil ou Sloaday eveuing might be termed "resolution night, " as resolutims were ofered up to the last moment, which was elpveu o'clock. Business of iinjortanoe to the tax payers was transacted and it behooves tbe dear people to ex;uuine the proceediugs of the couneil very elosely and to hold the aldernien rcsponsible for the good and evil done j jy their votes. A petition by Contractor Herman Hutzel was read, in which he asked for a balance on his sewer contract of $8, 257. 91. He claimed that the board of public works decided that the weatber on East Washington street had difered from Bast Liberty street. Pres. Clark had stopped his work on acconut of the inclemency of the weather, but allowed the contractor on East Liberty street to proceed. The bill is interesting reading. Bills to the ainount of $10,922.79 were allowed. The f riends of the steam road roller and stoue crusher were f earful that some tax payers might really get up enough back bone to carry out their threat of an injunction to restrain the mayor from signing the warrants. As the accounts were over drawn, on motion of Aid. Brown, money was transferred to make the over drawn accounts good. The electric lighting committee reported four bids, ou all night lighting, 265 days, 365 days, 265 day9 to midnight and 365 days. They were as follows: Michigan Electric Co., $80, 90, 60 and $70 ; William M. Porter, $85, $95, $64. 75 and $74.50; Ann Arbor Gas Co., $84, $96, $96.10 and $76; Ann Arbor Thomson Electric Co., $86.50, $89, $70, $80. The committee reoommended tbat the bid of the Michigan Electric Co. be accepted and it be given the contract. When Aid. Allmedinger finished reading there was a silence jn the couneil chamber as if fnneral services were about being opened. Few ventured to discuss the question. Aid. Brown said it was such a momentous one that he was not prepared to vote that evening. On his motion the report was laid on the table for two weeks. The committee was directed to employ an electrical expert and investigate the responsibility of the Michigan Electrical Co. and report on all matters pertaining thereto at the next meeting of the council. Aid. Mayiiard infrodnced a resolution to purchase a bioycie for the use of the marshal aiirl pólice. Aid. Butterfipid said that like the lightiug question it was so momentous that ■ he was not prepared to vote upou it at that meeting, ii was laid ou thí table for two v.'i e] Aid. Pr ' ordinanoe committee, read for the first and second time ordinances allowiiig the electric street railway to extenrï its line rom North Main and Kiugsley streets aloiig Kingsley street to State street, then to Michigan Central depot, aud a uev.' 'fire limit ordiuauce. This latter is vcry complete and coiuprises all of the former ordinauces in foroe with the additiou of soine veiy important featuers, such as abolishing all flres on stroets, etc, doing away with the burning leaves nuisance.


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