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Wrote Many Popular Songs

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Chicago, Aug. 8.- Georga F. Root, whose deuth on Bailey's Islaud, off Portland, Me., is announceü, has a nainc that is a household word in the United Stiltes. Perhaps no man in this country haa written so many songs that becaim - and for ihat m-itter are now - popular as Geoi-ge P. Boot. He was 75 yours oíd and his raskienoe had been in this city since 1860, and io was here that his war songs were written. His first sonar was "Hnzel Dell" and all men oí ruiddie age know liow popular thaC was. Thon there was "Rosalie, the Prairie Flowur," "The Old Folks ar Home," and many other sentimentiil songs. O war songs the lest known and most fung - cei'tainly so dunng aud just after the war- was ''Tne Bactle Cry of Freedom." Other war song were "Just Bi-fore the B'ittie, Mother," and ''Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, cha tíoys Are M.iruinng. " By his comp ;s.cions and bU Ion lite as a teacher he did perhaps more than auy ot.her man in America toward elevatinjr the standard oL popular music in th.s country. Geore Frederick Rfot was a native of Berkshire counry, .ihss., where he was born Ausf. 30, 18üO. From childhood his love ot music was intense. While orking as a boy on his ftuher's farm he learned unaided to play sëvaral musical instruiiiunts, and in hts 18ih year he went Co Boston aml soon found employmenc there as a leachor of music. From that day he had never ceased to exercise a raarked influency on the muáioal hlstory of the United Soaces.


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