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Drs. Kennedy & Kergan

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NËRVOUS, DESPONDENT, DISEASED MEN. T. E. GLEASON. T. E. GLEAPON. G. O. ROLLINS. G. O. ROLLINS. Before Treatment. ALter Treatineut. Before Treatment. After Treatment. Emissions, Varlcocele, Seminal Weakness, Self-Abuse. SyphllisGleet, Strlcture, Unnatural Discharges, Loss of Vital Fluid In Urine, Impotency, Sexual and Mental Weakness, Kldney and Bladder Diseases Positlvely CURED OR NO PAY. 16 Years in Detroit. 200,000 Cured. Young or Mlddle ïou have led a gay life or indnlged in the vioes of early youth. Yon feel Aged Man. the symptoms etealing over yon. Sel abuse or later excesses have broken down voor system. Mentally, physically and sexually you are not the man you nsed to be or should be. Lu3tful practices reap rich harvest. Think of the futnre. VVil I you heed the danger signáis? Are yon nervous a-id weak; despondent and gloomy; specks boforo eyes; back weak and kidneys irritable; palpitation of heart; dreams and losses at night; secliment in urine; weakened manhood; pimples on face; eyes 6unken and eheeks hollow; poor memory; careworn expression; Varicocele; tired in morning: lifeless; distruetful; lack energy strength and ambition. Óur New Method Treatment will positively cure you. It will make a man of you and life will open anew. We guarantee to cure you or refund ad vioney patd. iSTfio names used without written consent. 51, 000 paid for any case we take and cannot cure. 8NATCHED FRONI THE CRAVE-A Warnlng From the Living. Emissions "At 15 I learnedabad Imbit. Had losses for seven years. Tried fonr doctora Cured. and nerve tonics by the ecore, without benefit; I became a nervous wreek. A friend who had been cured by Drs. Kemiedy & Kergan of a similar disoase, aUvised me to try them. I did so., and in two months was positively cured. This was oight years ago. I am now inarried aad have two liealthy children." C. W. LEWIS, Saginaw, Mich. Varicocele "Varicocele, the reeult of early vico, made life miserable. I was we&k and nerCured. vous, eyes snnken. bashfnl in society, hair thin. dreims and loases xt uight, no ambition. The Golden Monitor" opened my eyes. The Niw Mitl-'l 'l'n al ment of Dr6. Kennedy fc Kergan cured me in a few weeks." I. L. rEl'EKöUN, louia, Miph. Syphilis "This terrible blood disease was in my system f oreig t ypars. Had takpn merCured. cury for two years, bat tho discase returned. Eyes red, pimplos and blotches on the skin, ulcera in the mouth and on toDgue. bone pains, fallinir oat of hair, wwkness, etc. My brother, who had been curod of Gleet and Slriclure by D"-s. Kennedy & Rentan, recommended them. They cured me in a few weeks, and I thank (iod 1 consHitnd them. No return of the disease in six years." W. P. M.. Jackson, Mich. A Minister The Rev. W. E. Sparks, of Detroit, says: "I know of no disease so injurious to Speaks. the mind, body and soul of young men as that of BeU 4buse. I have eent many victims of this lustful habit f.o Drs. Kennedy & Kergan for treatment. I eau hoartily endorse their New Melhod Trealment which cured them when all elee faikd." A Doctor "I know nothing in medical science so efficiënt for the cure of Syphüti and Recommends Sexual Disoases &s the Neio Method Treatmrnl of Drs. Kennedy & Kergan. Many It. cases which had bafHed scores of physicians were curod in a fow weeks. I have seen this witn my own eyes and know it to be a fact." ï. E. ALLISON, M. D. Onnrlnv Have you been gnilty? Has your B:ood b;en diseaseil? Are you weak? Do you nCOUCl deBire to beaman? Are yon contemplating marriagei' Oar A'eto Jfethod Treatment wiü positively cure yon. Cures Guaranteed or No Pay. Consultation Free. No matter who has treated you, write for an honest opinión free of charge. Charges reasonable. Books Free.- "The Golden Monitor" (illustrated), on Diseases of Men, Enclose postage, two cents. Sealed. l"No Names used without Written Consent. Private. No Medicine Sent C. 0. D. No Names on Boxes or Envelopes. Eyerjthing Confldential. Question List for Home Treatment and Cost of Treatment, Free. 148 ShaSby Street, Detroit, Mich.


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