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Overworked women need ZoaPhora. Don't Tobacco Spit or Stnoke Your Life Away. The trutht'ul, startling.litle oí a book about No-to bac, the only harml'rss, guaranteed tobaoco habit cure. If you want to quit aitd cau't, use "No-to-bac." Braces upnicotinized nerves, eliminatos nicotine poisons, makes weak men gain strength, weiglit and vig-or. Positiye cure or moaey refuncled. Sold by H J. Úrown, druííibt. Book at druKïist, or malled tree. Address The Sterli .g Remedy Co., Chieago office 45 Kandolph St. ; New York, 10 Spruce St. Knights Templar Excursión to Boston. On August 19 sleeping cars will be attached to train leaving Ann Arbor at 7 :4T a. m. Ou Saturday, August 24, a special train of Wagner Palace Sleepiug cars will start from Jackson, arriving at Ann Arbor at 1 1 :35 a. m. , at Boston 1 :30 p. in. the following day. Dinner ac St. Thomas, 50 cents. Breakfast at Albany, 75 cents. Sleeping car, $5.50 for doublé berth acconimodating two persons. This train will arrvie at Niágara Falls at 6:47 p. m. , at which point there wiill be a stop of two hours and thrty minutes. The Falls will be lignted with powerful electric lights at night. Sleeping car accommodation reserved and full informatiou given at M. C. ticket office. Notlce of Drain Letting. NOTICE IS HEKEBY GIVEN, That I, Dsmïel W Barry, Ounty Drain Commissio.ner of the ('oujity of Washtenaw, State of Michigan, will, on the 2fith day of August. A. D. 1895, at the lower eacl of Drain, in sai d Townsliip of Augusta, at ten o'cioek in the forenoon of that day, proced to receive bids for the cleaning out of a certatn drain known and rtesignated as '-West Branch of the Big Marsh Dram." located and established in the said Townshippf Augusta, and describes as follows, to wit: Cornraencing at the lower end, where said Drain empties into the Marsh Drain on the Asa Ai. estáte, in the s. w. quarter of the n. e, quarter of Sec H, follovriug the line of said Drain In a northwesterly direction to the upper end, which is 011 the west side of the liighway, on East Monroe road, on ï tbe 8. e. quarter of the n. e. quarter of öec. 10. Said job will be let by sections. The sec! tion at the outlet of the Drain will be let flrst, I and tbe remainin?; sections in their order up stream, in accordance with the diagrain now lonflle with the other papers pertaining to i said Drain, in tbe office of the Drain Cominisi sion'T, to -vhioh roforence raay be hart by al! 1 parties interested, and bids will be made and ruceivecl accordingly. Contracts will bemade with the lowest responsible MdderirivlnzadeI quate security for the performance of the i work, in a sum theu and there to be flxed by ' me! reservinsr to myself the right to reject i any and all bids. The date for the comple: tion of sueh contract and the terms of pay! ment therefor, shall be announced at the ' timp and Dlaee of lettins;. Notice ís further lierehy given, That at the time and place of said lettlng, or ateuoh other time and place thereafter to which 1, the Drain Commissioner aforesaid, may adjourn I the same, the asseasments for beneflts and the lands comprised wlthin the "West Braneh of the Big Marsh Drain Special Assessment Distriot," will be subject to review. The followiuK is a description of the several tracts or pareéis of land constituting the Speoml Assessment Distriot of said Drain, vlz 8. 'half of n. w. quarter. Sec. 14; e. quarterof n. w. quarter of n. w. quarter. Sec. 14; w. half n. e. quarter of n. w. quarter, Sec. 14 ; w. 30 acres of n. w. quarter of n. w. quarter. Sec. e. half s. e. quarter. See. 10; w. half of s.w. quarter, Sec. 11; w. half s. e. quarter, Sec. 10: 1 65 acres of south part of e. half of n. e. quarter, Sec. 10; 47 acres of n. part of w. half of n. w. quarter, See. 11; one acre of the w. part of n. e. quarter of n. e. quarter. Sec . 10: 8 rods square, s. part n. e. quarter of n. e. quarter. Sec 10; s. part of w. half of n. w. quarter, Sec, 11: one acre, n. e. corner of n. e, quarter of n. e. quarter. Sec 10; quarter acre of n. w. corner of w. half of n. w. quarter, Sec 11; one and one-quarter acres of w. part of w. half of d. w, quarter, Sec. 11; six acres of n. part of n' e. quarter of n.e. quarter, Sec. 1U; s. w. quiTiO'Of.n.o.fViavt.f"1, Beo. 14; hnlf oí n. o r-nrf71 q!i'. 1": 4'ï Moro n. pirtof w half of il. e. quarter. 8ec. 15. Ailin the Township I of Auftusta. Also the Township of Augusta Dated this Sixth day of Ausrust, A. D. 1895. ' DANIKL W. n UtKV, County Drain Oommissioner of the Couuty of Wasbtenaw.


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