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Securing A Big Factory

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Arm Arbor should not miss the opportunity of securing a good factory which will eiuploy a huudred hands by the first of Juunaiy. It is no experiment thafc our citizeus will embark iu if they secure the location of the proposed factory here, as it is a well etablished busiuess, advertised in every magazine of prominence iu the country, with more orders anead than it eau fill, and a money making iustitution. Now is the time for Ann Arbor citizens to take hold aud secure the location here of the Ypsilanti underwear factory. It is through J. D. Ryan and Fred McOmber that the opportunity was discovered. In a conversaitou with J. B. Colvan, president of the Hay & Todd Mfg. Co., manufacturéis of the celebrated Ypsilauti underwear, it was learned that the compauy had reached their limit in Ypsilanti aud that they liad failed to take a $36,000 order for next year because they would be unable to fill it. They have had overtures from several largo cities to remove their entire factory, but prefer to remain in the snïaller cities, if they conld be sure of plenty of hands. Mr. Ryan suggested Anu Arbor and Mr. Colvan thought f avorably of the idea as they could then keep up their Ypsilanti factory and do busiuess for both factories from one office. The outcome of the conversation was that if Ann Arbor would furnish a suitable building, they would put 100 knittiug machines at work here before January lst. Such a building and grounds would cost about $5,000. As this would give einployment to f rom 100 to 125 hauds at the start and as the business is a well established and paying one, it is , in the opinión of the Argus, the best proposition to secure mannfactmring for this city that has ever been inarlo this city. It shonld be accepted at once as it wonld add materially to the prosperity of th's city.


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