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The readers of the Ann Arbor Argus lose nothing by the discontinuance of tlie Tuesday edition. Priday's weekly more than cornpensatos for the change. The result of the attack on Aun Arbor by the Salvation Army was quite a surprise to all concerned. Each side appears to have misunderstood the other's strength. Both sides are in council. "The Devil up to Date" is the title of an article in Scribuer. It niight be thought to refer to the liquor-phobia at Clayton or Ypsilanti, but nowhere in the article are those places mentioned. Aid. Vroman, of Ypsilanti, mops gigantic beads of sweat from his brow and exclaims, "I wouldn't be mayor for anything!" No, nor we either. It's a great "horse" on a man and of ten a night mare. It cost two Ann Arbor boys jointly $82.48 to chase boats containing ladies off the water at Whitmore lake, the chasers being ciad only in hats and the Parisian costume worn in Eden before the transgression. Mr. Wisdom resides at Milau. Members of the Folly family can be found in most all towns. I Daniel Scofield, of Ypsilanti sat on the porch to seo it rain, when lightnHI struok a tree eight fect from him and jninped dowu an oíd well. Scofield dodged and saved himself, uud nudoubN edly has a great future, barring setbaoks. The hay scalcs over which there was as nmoh wrangling in the couucil as a tariff bilí iu cougress, are being put in by Oscar Steffy in froont of his new place. - Washtenaw Times. Couldn't do a little business ou a big scale without a wrangle, hay? Little Johnny Ritz, of Ann Arbor, peered iuto the barrel of a child's rifle to see how it looked inside, but owing to a severo scalp wound he received at just about that time he has no distiuct remenibrauce of how it did look. AtChelsea yesterday there was a gatheriug of the tribes of Washtenaw. The young braves engaged in bycicle and foofc races. The horse race and the human race also forined interesting features of the day The officer who served the wairants in the Ypsilauti liqnor cases runs a "soft drink" shop and is now under a boycott from the saloon keepers 'and their f riends. If a boycott of the soft drinkeriss of Hillsdale and Brauch were strictly enforced these counties would be tetotally dry. Solomon Dorr, of Diamondale, feil from a haystack on his head, and it made him so naad that he tried to kill his wife and children, and was sent to an asylum. The recent exciting chess contest betweeu Ann Arbor aud Ypsilanti developed the most consummate skill on the part of the participants - in prevaricating about the result. "There seems to be a rage among dairymen for dehorning cattle, " says the Ypsilantian. It struck Washtenaw too late to save the Willis poet from the horns of the bullenima. Ypsilanti has quieted down for a brief respite from the strain of the liquor excitement, and settles back to the comfortable exhaustion of a relieved patiënt after au all night with cholera morbus.


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