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Saved By An Elk

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A cnrions story of adventure comea from Montana. While a freight train was lying over at a small mountain station the eugineer borrowed a shotgun and started out for a hmit. He was about returning to his train when a cow made her appearance. Bef ore he realized that there was any danger the animal made a rush at him, and. he ran with all his speed. But the cow was a better racer, aud in a few minutes caught him by his clothing, splitting his coat from waist to collar and tossing him into the air. Getting to his feet as quickly as possible, he dodged behind a tree, and then to his dismay fonnd that the gun barrel was bent so as to be useless. The nest teu minutes were very lively ones. The cow chased the engineer round and round the tree, and when he got a chance to hit her with the gun barrel it only seemed to enrage her the more. It was only a question of time when he would succtunb to fatigue, buf a diversion occurred that saved his lifa An angry snort was heard, and a big elk appeared upon the scène, head down and prepared for a fight. The cow was so mad by this time that she was ready for anything, and in another moment the two animáis dashed at each otber. The engineer watched the combat for a few minutes until prudenee suggested that he should make a retreat while he could. He regained the train in safety and never knew the outcome of the battle, but the presumption is that the elk was the


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