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What The City Fathers Are Doing

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me city ornees vveünesday preseunted a lively scene, City Clerk Mills acting as secretary for three separate bodies, the board of public works, the lighting corumittee and the finanoe comrnittee. All passed off very peaceably although occasionally sarcastio remarles were passed stich as when Mr. Schub, said he understood the city charter to provide that all parchases of machinery, etc., should be made through the board of public works. Aid. Taylor tartly said they (the alder men) had also read the charter and understood what their duties were. A lengthy discussion about housing the j steam roller showed that the purchase of the machine is the commencement of the expenditure of a large sum of money. Aid. Taylor said he thought it [ would be advisable to lease or purchase a piece of land upon which to erect suitable buildings in which to place the stone ernsher and steam road roller, etc. The buildng to have bins so arrauged that the crushed stone could be loaded in to wagons without being shoveled. Mr. Schuh brought up the matter of Street signs for Lawrence's addition. The street commisisoner was directed to ascertain how many were needed and the cost. Mr. Schuh suggested that they be painted by William Herz for the same price as those fornierly used. The cost of the small piece of macadam laid in front of the engine house on East Huron street was discussed. Mr. Schuh claimed that it had cost over $200. Au important step taken showing a changed of heart of the board of public works was the passing of a resolution by Mr. Bullis, that all flush tanks on lateral sewers beconnected up I as soon as in place and people along the line be granted permission to make oonnections with the sewer. Last year the board was strenuous that no connections j shoiild be made untü the sewer was acepted. City Treasurer Manly raised the important question, if the five percent ad ditional to be paid on unpaid taxes in the winter means at the rate of five per cent per yëar, or five per cent on the gross sum. Pres. Hiscock said five per ' cent on the gross sum had been collected last year. Treasurer Manly said ! good lawyers iiad expressed doubts as to its legality. Inspector Ward was directed to investigate the store of J. T. Jacobs block and other stores as to the disposal of I water into the sewer it being con trary to the rules. In the meantime the application of J. T. Sullivan was not acted upon. The lighting committee agreed upon a report onthe Michigan Electric Co. 's bid substantially the same as its former one that if the company could fulfill the condiitons requiied its bid be accepted and it be given a five years contract.


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