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The Aun Arbor street railway will extend its lines shortly, a line being built frorn the Central depot connecting with the line of the road now there, running thence up State street and connecting with the present line on the corner of State and North University. When this line is completed Superintendent Berry expects to give the people down town a five minute service and the cars will sirnply be kept running around the loops without being obliged to wait for other cars. This will do away with the plan for a Kingsley street loop. Superintendent Berry is a hustler and has done ínuch to popularizo the street car lines with the people. There is less and iess kicking concerning the service, which everyone acknowledges has been vastly improved. The ten tickets for a quarter after five o'clock has filled the open cars on warm evenings and if the company owned other open cars as they expect to before another snmmer they would be filled too. _ The Dew tickets, six for a quarter, good at any time, dififer greatly from the old green tickets, long in use. It is simply one ticket with six places to punch. All these tickets are numbered and every purchaser should put down tne number of his ticket when he can find it, so that if the ticket is lost or stolen, the conductor may discover it when presented. With the lust punch the conductor takes up the ticket. Only cash fares are now rnng up. If yon look at your ticket after it has been punched several times you will discover that while one of the conductora has a diamond punch, another one has a little brown jug punch. The boys cali him tbe jug puncher. None of the present conduotors have been given a f20 gold piece for $1. but one of the motormen in the days before they had conductors had that good fortune, putting it in his pocket without looking at it and giving change for $1. i He was a surprised motorman when he came to settle up at the barn, and ïranted up the lady who gave it to him. The lady had no idea when she had parted with her $20 gold piece. The Sunday evening trade is enormous. The children are numerous on that evening and as a rule seem greatly delighted. One little fellow said his papa wasn't going to Boston but then they rode around the loop three times a week and seemed to think that was as good as going to Boston. And whc knows but what for real, healthful.cooling rest it is.


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