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A Queer Flower

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One of the vegetable marvela of ,Tuly is the fraxinella, ordifctany, ;n old fashioned flowering plau.1 . uative in southern and Asia aud mueh cultivated in the gardens of onr grandmothers. The plant bas showv flowere - white, red and rosy - and an odor that beiengs to the leayea as wel! as to tho blossoms. The plant, if vigited at uight with a lighted match, is raddènly eivseloped witli blue flame3, as is the hand that bears the match. The ñames uve hannless and are oaused by tshe combnstioü of a yolutilo oil that i.s secreted by the plant. This oii, in the form of vapor, impregnates the air inm:ediately about the plant and is ignited at tlie approach of a light. The plant bloorns abaudantly, and the pyrotechnic display may be repeated uight after night, especially if the condition of the atmosphere is favorable. The plant obtains its naane of dittauy frora the fact that it grows wild upon Mount Dicte, in the island of Crete. It is by no ineans so well known now as it once was, sinee the gay flowers of old fashioned country gardens have given place to more sesthetic and less showy blossoms. -


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