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IN paint the best is the cheapest. Don't be misled by ! trying what is said to be "just as good," but when you paint insist upon having a genuine brand of Strictly Pure White Lead It costs no more per gallon than cheap paints, and lasts many times as long. Look out for the brands of WhitQ Lead offered you ; any of the fok lowing are sure : "Anchor "Morley," " Eokstein," " Shipman," " Armstrong & MoKelvy," " Southern," " Beymer-Bauman," " Eed Seal," " Davis-Chambers," " Collier," " Fahnestook." For Colors.- National Lead Co. 's Pure White Lead Tinting Colors. These colors are sold in one-pound cans, each can being sufficient to tint 25 pounds of strictly Pure White Lead the desired shade ; they are in no sense ready-mixed paints, but a combination of perfectly pure colors in the handiest form to tint Strictly Pure White Lead. A good many thousand dollars have been sayed property-owners by having our book on painting and color-card. Send us a postal card and get both free. NATIONAL LEAD CO. Chicago Branch, State and Fifteenth Streets, Chicago. D# A. MAC LACHLAN, M. D. Dieeases of the EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT OfBce oor. of Main and Washington Streets. Residence, H S. State Street. Residence i phone, No. 128. OfBce telephone No. 134. Hours: 1O a. m. to 12 and 1 to 5 p. m. THE ART AMATEUR Best and Largest Practical Art Magazine. (The oulv Art Perlodlcal awardcd a Medal at the World's Fair.) TiiBnïuaMe to nU who wish to mahe thdr living by art ur to makt their luimes licautiful p. liln we will send to any 011e tf A TUI FUI meiitionins thls I I 1 tion a epeoimeu eopy, with supero JcWw color plates iforcopying or framíníf) and 8 supplementftry pa; es of designs (reg-ular price 35c). Or 'O '5C we wlll send also "Paiutins for Bejíiuners" (90 pages) MONTAGl'E IIARKÜ, 23 l'niou Square, Ti.ï


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