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Scandinavian Wood Pulp

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The amouiit of wood pnlp now prodnced in Scandinavia is reported to be enorinous, and besides the inany wood pulp milis there are a large miniber of native cellulose and sulphite works, the forrner Bupplying inore than one-half the wood pnlp production. Next to these come the snlphite milis, the wood pulp milis exporting barely half their production, or considerably less in quantity than the sulphite and cellulose. Almost all the paper exported from Sweden is said to be made from wood pulp. A recently published account of this iudustry show a total of some 95 establishments, I and for 55 of these the aggregate power, ! usually water, is reported to equal about 18,000 horsepower. The most important of these are thus enumerated : Those of Ornon, Tralhatton, 2,450 horsepower, with 24 horizontal and 2 vertical milis; that of Munkidal, Uddevalia, 1,230 horsepower, with 10 .horizontal and 1 vertical mili, and Tossefors, Ottebal,900 ' horsepower, with 17 horizontal milis, j TliRra nre 12 natrĂ³n nellnlosfi works and


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