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Historie Wild West Indian Museum, Grand Mexican Hippodrome, International Exposition of Novelties. THE MARVEL OF THE ACE AND - THE GREATEST WILD WEST IN THE WORLD - Thje Only One Now Travbling. Moves by its own train of Pahpp cContains features selected for their historlcal value and charartpr fm ÍSx Wild West of America in particular, and the World at large. the The Hero of Oklahonni, and Great White Chief of the Pawnees, Maior Gnrw W. Lillie, (Pawnee Bill) luis spared neither tronble nor expense in lus pffn, to collect trom every clime STA1ÍTLING AND STERLING NOVELTlk! and has engaged especially for this pxhibition ttie Australian Abortón? Gemiine Eaiinil)al Bush Mn, Pauious Black Truckers, and Boom Tbrowers, Indian Chiefs of renown. A whole India-ft Villaee in ens of Indian Warriors from the celebrated Sionx, Comanche, Cheyenne 'C hoe, and other tribes, togetherwith 3 Bands of Music, iiicluding the'famm Mexican Band. An Army of Cowboys and Frontier Héroes. ■ ' - - -" - y - "_ ■■ " - ■ - . THE MEXICAN HYPPODROME. Stan.ding Raees, Hhariot Races, Hurdle and Wild Texas Steer Races. Miss May Lillie. tbe ou!y lady whocan shoot unerringly with a rifle on Morseback Abevy of hoautifui W i KI Western Gtirls. Spotted Mustangs, Bucking Brouchos. ArtiUeiy Rees iii the elf aring. And the only herds of Living Buffalo with many World-Wide Celebrities. A Tl AP HP MñA FROM ti pampas fl WUi Li UUfllMéitf of SOUTH AMERICA THE MEXICAN BAND, the Feature of the Xew Orleans Exposition, and A BAND OF BEDOUIN ARABS Rernarkable for their dexterity vvith the Rifle and Bayonet and feats of Her culean st.rength. THE GRAND STREET PARADE! Which will start at 10 a. m. daily, immediately after the Cannon is beard to boom. This is the signal to start. Look out for it. DOOKS OPEJi AT 1 AND 7 P. M. THE PERFORMANCE COMMEXCES ONE HOUK LATER. The immense enclosure lighted at night by the most powerful Calcium Liglits, making tlie interior as üght as the uoonday suu. 6000 Qauopy-Covered Seats for Everybody. Ladies and Cliildren our Special Care. ADMISSION REDUCED TO 25 CENTS. ONE TICKET ADM1TS TO Al.L.


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