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What A Hobo Thinks Of The Jail.

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A hobo struok Chelsea last week and findiug a congenial spirit, unbosomed hiniself to tbe editor of the Chelsea Standard, which resulted in the following item in that paper : Last Tuesday Big Fred, the lightning sign writer, late of hotel de Judson, dropped in upon us and did everything by way of enteitainment, f rom etching the snake editor's knife blade to discoursing upon the administration of justice and the food supply of county jails, Accordiug to his belief Washteuaw county provides the best administered jail of any of the counties who have provided entertainment and rest for his weary limbs, and there have been several which have extended their bospitality. Mr. Pred, distiuguished as big on account of his Trilby feet, also says that Sheriff Judson, besides, being a progressive, up t,0 date sheriff, is also a royal entertainer and deservea well of ■the hobo fraternity. Canfield and Wood also come in for a large sbare of commendation. Their conversation is edifying and restful to the souls of any Weary Willi:m nf Tired Terrence. The guests are also up to as high grade as the hosts, especial rueution being made of one Föhn, the colored fellow. Only one felow, kuovvu as Peg Leg, was at all off color. However, highly satisf actory as the jail administration is, yet there is one point that needs reform and that is in regard to the niolasses. Big Fred says two quarts are regularly served Whether there are two or twenty to be fed. When there are but two it not only seerns a great souroe of waste, but that arnount also has a debilitatiug effect on the eonstitutiou that only repeatod applicatious of corn juice will eradicate. The administration of niolasses needs reform.


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