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Adrian Press Washtenawisms.

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"Col." Jeff Davis, of Ann Arbor, colored, was born the slave of the brother of the Confedérate president, Jefferson Davis, but escaped before the war by tunneling under the Ohio river. He knew and was on a pretty nearly equal f ooting witli Heiiry Clay and Torn Marhall, who oocasionally had a Kentuoky bender, and whorn he, "Col.." Jeff, has assisted to bed in their boots when neither of thero could get through a doublé door without hitting both sides of the casing. A furious splashing in the water under Huron street bridge, Ann Arbor, attracted the attention of two young men, who by tnoonlight saw what they thought was a man, to whom they called ; but he made no answer, and ran sputtering down the stream, out of sight. It was probably a merrnaid. A tramp left a fine sugar bowl in a Dexter barn last week. This shows that beneath the hurnble, ragged vest of the homeless wanderer beats an impulse of refinement that admires and reaches after the finer works of art. The Banquo ghost of postoffice removal has again seeured a sit among those who have "box"seats on the Ann Arbor street corners. "It is proposed, " says the ghost, "to trundle the postofflce over on Washington street. ' ' An Ann Arbor liveryrnan, it is asserted, resembles George Washington. Indeed ! George Washington had the reputation ot being one of the finest poker players of his time. Chelsea's telephone exchange costs citizens $18 for business service and $15 for private use, per year. It seems vulgar to pay such low prices. "Who isjmy neighbor?" asks Rev. J. P. Hutchinson, of Milan, in his text. Two to oue somebody's hens have been at the elder's peas. In these days, when greed for office holding is the paramount ambition, it is refreshing to note the noble exception. D. C. Howe, of Duudee.has just resigued from the village council and will remove to Ypsilanti and live the unostentatious and beautiful life of a private citizen. The Livingston oonnty fair is swaniped to the neck in debt, while the Washtenaw fair assooiation enjoys righteons prosperity, even if its seoretary did gei hooked by a buil, and will this fall give the flnest exhibition of its history. The electric light spirit nas taken hold of Saline with a strong desire to daze the green straddlebugs in that re gion. A snbscription at Saline will help Beverly Bugg, who lost a leg under a train, to walk again. 'Sright, Buggosh One of the new special features of the county fair this fall will be "Womau's Day. ' ' - Ann Arbor Register. It seeins as though this aggregation ought to stop somewhere. Aren't seven days in the week enough? Prof. Harrington, of Ann Arbor lately removed from the headship o: the weather-furnishing bnreau,has been offered and will accept the presidency of the Wasihington State University and defies Grover Cleveland to get him removed. A large-inouthed thief at Ypsilaut was discovered by the owner of a horse and buggy he was trying to steal That the larcenist had a capacious mouth is shown by the report that the owner of the horse "ran down the thief." An Ypsilanti ruau has invented a harness that requires no tugs. In this way he sees "traces" of that barbar ism that used to plow horses by the 'tail. Hitch a drag to the horse in thai way and there is your "harrowing tail' of barbarism. "Indiguant protests" are in circulation at Ypsilanti against the prosecution of the case brought by saloonist Lei ter against Rev. Dr. Ryan, for false imprisonment. The eider should not fear that he will not have the same justice done him that he wonld have were he a saloon keeper. The Ann Arbor Courier thinks that state troops should march instead oi railroading to the encampment, but the Times asserts that it wonld cost $30,000 instead of $2, 500, and sees in the plan a chance to rake part of the surplus the leigslatare in its broad-hearted penuriousness withheld from the University. Yes, the University is footiog it this year, while the troops ride. An Ann Arbor man, jusfc returned from Zukey lake had for his companion one of the meanest men the Press has ever heard of. They had in their boat the old style nrazzle loading guns. By accident the Ann Arbor man dropped his powder flask overboard. He couldn't swim, but the other could and offered to dive for it, which he did. As he did not reappear in due time, the Ann Arborite peered down and saw him sitting on the bottom of the lake, pouring the powder out of the Athenian's flask into his own. There bas been a coolness between them ever since.


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