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Scaring A Dog.

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Bill Jones of Happy Valley carne into the office the other day and said he had found out a good way to scare a dog. He said he didn't see any sense in -wanting to shoot a dog or be crnel to dumb brutea by poisoning 'em when there were ways enough to just scare 'em and in that keep 'em from biting you. He said, just to show his good f aith before we printed the recipe in The News, we might go down street past Oldfeller's place and try his dog once. So we started ont with him. Jones took his umbrella, and as we walked along he showed us how the oíd thing worked. He asked us to walk just ahead, and he played we were in the position of the dog and wanted us to growl. When we made a noise, hernshed at us with the umbrella, opening and shutting it in rather a startling manner. By and by we reached Oldfeller's place, but didn't see the dog. Then Jones growled like and shouted, "Sic 'em, Towser!" In about a second and a half Towser carne flying arotind the fence córner, and Jones just had time to lower his umbrella when the charge was made. Towser made a rush like a trolley car half a block ahead of you. Jones parried and worked the slide on the umbrella kandie. The next instant the dog had a mouthf ui of a f4 umbrella cover and two ribs out of the same. Jones expectorated a mouthf ui of tobáceo juice in Towser 's eye and then told him be could have the remainder of the water cover, his remarks all prefaced with adjectives never used in prayers. We didn't return to the office together, and Jones said if we ever printed the recipe or made any mention of the experiment the A. O. U. W. 's would lose a couple of thousand on us and have a day off f or a f uneral.


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