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OFFICE OF THE DETROIT, N1ICH. To Whom it may Concern : On January 29, 1895, Mr. O. R. Looker, President and General Manager of the Michigan Mutual Life Insurance Company of Detroit, requested permission from its Board of Directors, to invite the Commissioner of Insurance of Michigan, to make an official and thorough examination of the business management and finaaicial condition of the Company. Since which time the Hon. Theron F. Giddings, Commis gioner of Insurance of Michigan, assisted by Hon. John J. Brink'erhofF, expert Actuary of the Insurance Department of the State fof Illinois, and others, have been busily engaged in said examWtion. Every piece of property owned by the Company, or upon which the Company holds a mortgage, together with all other securities, Ihave been thoroughly investigated. All books and papers pertaining to every part of the business !of the Company have also been carefully examined, and we take ! pleasure in submiting the following report: Michigan Mutual Life Insurance Co. Department of Insurance, ) Lansing, Mich., Aug. 16th, 1895. JO. B. Looker, President Michigan Mutual Life Ins. Co., Detro-it, Mich.: SIR - In accordance with your request I herewith transmit to you a statement of the condition of your company and some conclusions that I have come to, resulting from the examination lately concluded by this department. For the satisfaction of this department and for the benefit of policy holders, the examination was made very thorough in every particular, and for that purpose I procured the assistance of Mr. J. J. Brinkerhoff, formerly of the Illinois department, whose expert vork has been of material assistance to me in the examination. i From an examination of the books of the Company, we arrive at the quantity of the assets and liabilities, and here I desire to S quote from Mr. Brinkerhoff s report: "I find the books of the I Company, relating to its financial transactions, are explicit, comi prerfensive and intelligible, and well and accurately kept." From i a personal examination of the quality of the assets, I am pleased to state that I find them in all respects first-class, and of such a i nature that they are gratifying to this department, as they must ' be to the officials of the Company. The liabilities of the Company have been carefully computed, ! and, in the opinión of this department, should be charged up in accordance with the figures as herein given. And I desire to xpress my satisfaction with the action of the Company in their i desire to throw out all but what can be considered as legitimate assets, and charge up all that in business reason can be considered ; a liabilky. The promptness of the Company relative to the pament of legal claims brought against it, is greatly to be commended, and is of particular interest to policy holders. The inclination oí fhe management to make prompt remittances after accepted proofs.of death, deserves this good word from me in their favor. It is proper for me at this time to say a few words in relation to the general management of the Company. It has been ïny pleasure to be acquainted with the majority of the officers of the Company for some years, and upon the conclusión of this regular examination into the afïairs of the Company, I find no more than ï expected to find, which is that the affairs of the organization are conducted in an honest and business-like manner, that the Company is reliable in every particular, and the policy holders well secured. The examination shows the following to be the financial condition of the Company, June 3Oth, 1895: Total Assets, as shown by books of Company . $4,854.633 09 Total Assets, as admited by Insurance Department 4,803,895 06 Total liabilities, 4,35 357 28 Surplus as to policy holders, as adinitted by Department 452537 78 Gross Surplus, as shown on books of Company . 53275 81 Yours respectfully, THERON F. GIDDINGS, Commistioner of Insuranee.


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