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Minnie Williams Is Alive, I

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Philadelpifc, Pa., Aug. 22.- W. A. Shoemaker, attorney for H. H. Holmes, received a telegram yesterday purportIng to come from Minnie R. Williams, one of Holmes' alleged victims. It reads as follows: "Providence, R. I., Aug. 19, 1895.- The report that I was murdered is atv surd. I am alive and well. "MINNIB R. WILLIAMS." When the message was shown to Holmes he said excitedly: "I knew my story that I did not killthe girl would be conflrmed." He brushed tears from his eyes, and continued: "I am sorry, however, that she has made herself so public by telegraphing. She might as well have written." Providence, R. I., Aug. 21.- The night operator remembers the message, but could not state the time at which lt was filed nor could he state whether it was filed by a man or woman'. An inspection of the directory here fails to disclose any name that can be taken for that of the person indicated by the signature of the message.


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