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Mobbed A Madman.

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ClNcnïNATi, Aug. aa.- Ai New Biohmond, O., twenty-flve miles up the Ohlo rlver (rom Cincinnati, at 4 o' o) ook yestorday afternoon, a mob took Noah Anderion, colored, from the jail and hanged hlm for the murder a few hours previous of Franklin Fridman, nearly 80 yeara old and president of the Firat National bank of that place. Fridman was among the wealthiest men in Clermont oounty. He owned a number of farms and lived at Clerniontvllle, about two miles from New Biohmond. He was driving lnto New Biohmond shortly after noon, when he stoppod at one of hia houses. Hitchlng bis horse at the dooryard he went into an adjoining fleld, where he was suddenly attaoked by Noah Anderson, a muscular negro, who had no weapons but hls hands. Choked the Old Man to Deatb. Wlth these he quioKly bore the aged banker to the earth and then, olutohing hls throat with the power of a demon, he literally ohoked his helpless viotlm to death. When satisfied that the man was dead Anderson fled. Soon the prostrate man was borne to the house and found to be past all help - dead. The newsof the shocking tragedy traveled swiftly, for eyerybody knew Fridman. It was not long until Anderson was capture d and taken to the New Biohmond jail, where a great crowd quickly gathered. Anderson made no actempt to oonceal hig crime. He gloatiiigly told all the details and sald he had given the old man what he deserved. Murderer Was Probablv Inaane. It is said that Anderson was not right in hls mind, and that one of hia hallucinationa was that Fridman had deprived him of a large sum of money. The truth ie that the two men had had no dealings together, as Anderson carne to New Richmond on a shanty boat only a few months ago and olaimed to be a paper hanger. The crowd about the jail beoame wildly exoited. The negro's confession became known, and crios of "Lynch him I" "Hang the oowardl' arose. A rope was broughi. Prominent citizens addresBed themob,imploring moderatiun. Anderson was in his oeü on his knees, orying for inercy. The marshal, when a momentary lull oame, attempted to take Anderson to a more seoure jail at Bat avia, the oounty seafc. Lost Their Keason Terapornrlly. No sooner did the man appear outside the jall than the frenzied mob rushed at the marshal and seizing the prisoner bore him quickly to the nearest tree and in a brief time he was dead. There was no masking, no attempt at ooncealment. Ever perïon present knew all the others. It was simply an act of frenzy, under most jaggravating oiroumstanoes. The murdered man was endeared to every citizen, and his taking off was so sudden that his frlends and neighbors seemed to have lost their reaaon.


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