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Populists Of Maryland Meet.

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BaltIíMORE, Aug. 22.- At the Maryland Populist convention Rev. Walter Vrooman, repreaenting the Socialistio element in the conventioE, acoused N. A. Dunning, editor of The Watchman, the national organ of the Labor party, of coming to the convention to prevent the nomlnation of a ticket. Dunning responded that he had said casual ly that the oíd parties were so strongly entrenched that it was useless to nomínate a Populist ticket. It developed that Dunning headed the element favorable to a plank for free coinage of silver at 16 to 1, while Rev. Vrooman represented the element favorable togovernnientownerghipof railways, telegraps, etc., along socíalistic linea. The discussion brought out that Delégate Burchard had written a letter favorable to the Republican state ticket. The convention adopted the Omaha platform and declared against free silver. The ticket nominated is as f olio m : For governor, Henry T. Andrews, oí Carolina eonntyi attorney general, B. W. Monetfc, of Calvert oounBy; comptroller, S. H. Gibson, of Cristflpid. Someraet oounty.


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