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N ACCIDENT. j5r. Qulntus Hummel, of 118 Michigan Are., Detroit, tells a War Story of bis own Experieuce, and the Besalt. (ÍVom Detroit Netos.') Our representative called at 118 Michigan Avenue, the residence of Mr. Quintus Hummel. Mr. Hummel is a veteran of the late war, and received, in the campaign, an injury which has given him much pain and suffering since. He belonged to a Michigan cavalry regiment and his horse lecoining frightened one day rcared up, throwing him backward. In falling he gtruck his spine on a sharp stone, inflicting a deep cut over flve inches long. The injury affected the kidneys. About two years ago the left kidney started to bleed, and has been doing so ever since. Mr. Hummel, in a few pointed sentences, gave our representative the f ollowing account : "The accident of my 'wardays' left me in bad shape; pain in my back and spine rendered me almost useless, and I was compelled to give up work enttrely. I could not turn over in bed without assistance. I have spent hundreds of dollars in various ways trying to flnd relief. Physicians have told me my spine was honeycombed for 13 inches. I had given up in despair, never hoping for relief, when a friend told me about Doan's Kidney Pilis, and they have done me a world of good. Thepains have disappeared f rom my back, and the bleeding of my kidney has almost entirely stopped. I know I can never be cntirely cured, as I would have to be ' a new man,' but Doan's Kidney Pilis have done more to make me feel like 'a new man ' than all the other things I have tried during past years. I have not had any recurrence of the pain or bleeding since taking them." Doan's Kidney Pilis for sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents, by mail, from Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole agents for the United States. Remembci the name, Doan'e, and take no other.


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